Stranmillis University College

BA Early Years

The BA (Hons) Degree in Early Childhood Studies offered by Stranmillis University College, is based on the concept of ‘Educare’. It aims to both investigate and further advance a multi-professional approach within the field of Early Years services in Northern Ireland and beyond. The course has been developed by a group of professionals in consultation with representatives from the voluntary sector and responds to government reports and legislation which demands co-ordination and collaboration in services for young children. The degree is also meeting, at graduate level, the training needs of both current and future practitioners and is thereby underlining the need for highly qualified personnel within the sector.

Course Structure

The degree is offered on a full and part-time basis. The course is organised on a modular basis with a work placement experience forming the ‘core’. Students will undertake a programme of 18 modules of study, extending over 3 years if they choose to take the degree on a full-time basis.

Course Content

The modules offered will address broad areas such as ‘Understanding the Child', 'The Child in the Learning Context' and 'The Child in the Family & Community'. The theoretical training establishes and develops the skills necessary to cope with the demands and challenges of supporting, caring for and educating young children in a professional environment.The Student Placement, which forms an integral part of the degree, allows this theoretical learning to be put into practice in a supervised and supportive environment. On completion of the degree, graduates will be highly qualified with a sound practical and theoretical training, and equipped to work with young children in a variety of professional contexts.