Stranmillis University College

BEd Primary

A full time student who plans to teach in a Nursery or Primary school will study the four-year BEd (Hons) degree which will provide the theoretical and professional knowledge and skills essential for successful entry to the profession. The BEd (Primary) course has been specifically designed for intending primary school teachers and graduates will be qualified to teach in any sector of the primary school within the 3-11 age range.  (Foundation and KS1&2)

Course Aims

  • develop reflective teachers whose practice is informed by sound educational theory and who will continue to learn throughout their careers
  • provide a rigorous preparation for teaching in an inclusive environment
  • help students to acquire the skills and expertise to support children's learning
  • provide professional development in curriculum subjects from their chosen Key Stage
  • ensure that students show a concern for professional values and demonstrate the positive attitudes and behaviour we expect from pupils.  

Course Structure & Content

The Primary programme is continually reviewed in order to take account of current developments in Northern Ireland Curriculum. The programmes have three inter-related strands: Placement, Education Studies and Professional Studies.

Throughout the four years of study students will spend approximately 32 weeks on placement in schools and in a range of other educational settings. Students also have a number of opportunities to study and teach abroad.

Education Studies consists of the study of the processes of schooling and the social contexts in which they take place. Throughout the programme a range of perspectives is presented to students so that they can make sense of the classroom and become highly competent and challenging classroom teachers.

Professional Studies is interrelated with the other components of the BEd programme and provides a basis of understanding for professional and personal development. It not only provides knowledge and understanding in areas of the Northern Ireland Curriculum, but through its modules develops students’ intellectual, practical and transferable skills.

Primary students will study all Areas of Learning of the Foundation, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Northern Ireland Curriculum and the theoretical principles which underpin effective primary practice. Students will have the opportunity for some specialism in one Area of Learning such as Language and Literacy, Mathematics and Numeracy, Personal Development and Mutual Understanding, Physical Education, Religious Education, the Arts and the World Around Us.