Stranmillis University College

BSc Health, Physical Activity and Sport

The BSc (Hons) in Health, Physical Activity and Sport is a three-year degree for full time students which will enhance the skills and expertise of those wishing to pursue a career in the related fields of health, leisure and sport. It will have appeal to those with an active involvement in working with people in the private and public sector, or within community and voluntary contexts, and will also have relevance for personnel with responsibilities for workplace health.

Course Structure

The course is made up of 18 modules, 6 to be taken per year. It is designed to facilitate a period of work placement which enables students to carry out, part-time employment in the leisure industry or to arrange voluntary work in health promotion or youth work. The placement will provide important opportunities to develop skills and a context for many modules, particularly the research based dissertation.

Course Content

The first year of the course will include a foundation in psychology, human physiology, exercise science, health promotion and recreation and leisure. Candidates entering the course in Year 1 will also develop personal and transferable skills in ICT. In years 1 and 2 students will undertake practical modules alongside the BEd (Teacher Education) students.
In years 2 and 3, health promotion, exercise and fitness, health and safety, the management of people, and recreation and leisure will be further developed. The course culminates in a research based dissertation which is work-related.