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Student Mentor Scheme

The Role of a Student Mentor in Stranmillis University College 


The Student Mentor role is one way of supporting new students as they join the University College Community.  New students may be anxious and nervous and need a friendly face. 

The scheme operates on an all-year round basis to support undergraduates.

All Student Mentors are volunteers.   The University College considers this scheme to be an excellent way of assisting students to settle in quickly and to make the most of the opportunities available to them.

Learning & Student Services keep a register of names and contact numbers of current Student Mentors.  Please contact Helen Robinson or Laura Taylor on 028 90384 261/422 if you need to obtain contact details.


  • Establish new friends;
  • Improve your CV content;
  • Establish new goals, both personal & career;
  • Networking (future contacts);
  • Strengthen organisational & problem solving skills;
  • Develop your personal standards of conduct;
  • Increase your knowledge of support structures within the University College environment and in the wider community;
  • Improve your listening and communication skills;
  • Become a role model;
  • Develop your moral & ethical responsibilities.


  • Student Mentors are NOT counsellors, teachers or tutors;
  • Student Mentors are guides and role models;
  • The relationship between a mentor and a student is considered a semi-professional working relationship;
  • Knowledge has no substitute;
  • Regular contact is important;
  • Attend any agreed meeting and be on time;
  • Provide only the Stranmillis email address as a contact tool;
  • Don't take yourself too seriously, but treat what you say seriously.



Who are the Student Mentors?

Student Mentors are current Stranmillis University College students who have volunteered to join the scheme and who have received training from NUS-USI .

What sort of things can a Student Mentor help me with?

Your mentor will try to contact you during Welcome & Orientation so you will have an opportunity to ask questions before the commencement of classes.  Once classes do commence your mentor will be keen to help you settle in and help you get to know 'how things work' at the University College.  Your mentor will be a great source of information about the library, the computer system, SRC, Refectory and accommodation.  Your mentor will also be a 'listening ear' for you.  Please remember that a student mentor is NOT a counsellor or an academic tutor.

Will meetings be on a one-to-one basis?

It is up to you and your Student Mentor to agree on meeting structures.  The Mentor Scheme is an ideal opportunity to get to know other first year students at group meetings.  However, you will have the opportunity for confidential meetings with your mentor if needed.  After an initial meeting, communication may only be via email or by phone.  It is entirely up to you and your mentor to agree the frequency of meetings and the method of contact.

Where will meetings take place?

We advise that meetings take place in a public area convenient to both the student and the mentor.

If you would like to be involved in the Student Mentor Scheme please complete a Student Mentor Application Form