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Lois’s 'Butterfly Bear' Gets Published
Lois McAteer and Clare Evans with 'The Butterfly Bear'
Lois McAteer and Clare Evans with 'The Butterfly Bear'

ECS Year 2 student Lois McAteer recently attended her placement at St Teresa’s Nursery School off the Glen Road in West Belfast. Described below is how 'The Butterfly Bear' was created: 

St Teresa's is affectionately known as the “Butterfly School” as St. Teresa used the symbol of the butterfly to describe journeys of transformation. St. Teresa’s Nursery School is a place where the aim for all children is to be ‘the best we can be’ by ensuring that all the children, like butterflies, are cherished, have a magical time and the staff invoke in the children a sense of joy and wonder.

Principal Clare Evans describes how staff and children alike had the pleasure of welcoming, working and transforming alongside Lois in their school.  “We recently had the pleasure of Lois completing her block placement with us.  Lois undertook the project of producing a ‘Transition Booklet’.  She engaged in one to one conversations with myself and the class teacher to reflect on what the school would find useful in terms of the content of the booklet. Lois took ownership of the project and planned the booklet to reflect not only the setting but also the routine of the day. Lois suggested creating a relatable object for the children to engage with and she created ‘Butterfly Bear’, complete with its own school uniform. Along the way Lois gained experience in using the apps Pic Collage, Book Creator and iBooks.  At all times she was mindful of child protection and data protection.  She emailed staff draft copies and took on board their comments to ensure that the finished product would be embedded into the school’s existing transition programme. Like a butterfly, Lois has grown in confidence throughout her time in St. Teresa’s and now that she herself is a ‘Butterfly’ , we hope she will never hide her wings and that she will continue to fly high in her chosen profession!”.

College lecturer Dr Brenda McKay-Redmond feels that “Lois has grown as a practitioner working with all the nursery school community.  She was certainly cherished by all and brought vibrant joy and wonder to the children in her care.  She developed many of the skills she will need as she progresses in this profession. How amazing to have her booklet published for use by many future butterflies!”

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