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e-Bug Comes To Stranmillis

Dr Philip Veal and Dr Christine McKee from the Public Health Agency visited the College recently and held a number of e-bug training workshops for all Year 2 BEd Primary and some Post-primary students.

The workshop disseminated the classroom activities and lesson plans available from the online resource . All the resources and learning activities are mapped to the Northern Ireland Curriculum for each key stage.
Dr Veal explained the threat which antibiotic resistance could pose in the very near future and the role education can play as a front line defence.

“If we can reduce childhood infections then we will be able to reduce the use of antibiotics. Simple measures like using tissues to cover sneezes and good hand hygiene can go a long way to reducing the spread of infection.”

Dr McKee used a simple spray gun filled with coloured water and concealed in a child’s mask to demonstrate that coughs and sneezes really do spread diseases. The further spread of bacteria and viruses by shaking hands was demonstrated using hand cream sensitive to ultra-violet light; ordinary decorative glitter works equally well.

The online resources also include games and investigations based around helpful and harmful bacteria, food hygiene and how to look after your teeth.

All participants received their own toy antibiotic guardian to warn off those harmful microbes!

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