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Course Withdrawal

It is hoped that when a student registers at Stranmillis University College they will complete their course. If for any reason a student feels that they need to withdraw they should discuss the situation first with their Advisor of Studies and/or the Student Support Officer who may be able to offer guidance and support.

If the final decision is to withdraw, either on a temporary or permanent basis, the College requires formal notification of withdrawal on the appropriate temporary/permanent withdrawal form, which you must complete and sign. This form must also be signed by your Advisor of Studies. Only on receipt of the official temporary/permanent withdrawal form can the withdrawal be actioned by the College.

Withdrawal forms are available in either the Student Support Centre or Academic Registry.


If a student withdraws from a course they will be required to pay a percentage of the fees. The amount they will be charged will depend on the date of formal withdrawal from the course, as stated on the withdrawal form. The College policy on tuition fee liability, for students commencing a degree course in September 2018 is as follows:

Tuition Fee Liability for Full Time Undergraduate, PGCE and Postgraduate Students.

Liability Point


% of Full Time Fee Due

Completion of Enrolment and Registration




Resumption of Semester following the Christmas Vacation Period



Resumption of Semester following the Easter Vacation Period




Tuition Fee Liability for Part-time Undergraduate and Part-time Postgraduate Students.

Student Withdrawal and Module Drop Fee Policy


Autumn Modules

Spring Modules

Full Year Modules

Fees due

Completion of Enrolment and Registration

Completion of Enrolment and Registration

Completion of Enrolment and Registration


From 1 November 2018

From 1 March 2019

From 1 November 2017/8




From 1 March 2017/9


From 1 December 2018

From 1 April 2019

From 1 April 2018/9


For modules that start at times other than the start of semester 1 or the start of semester 2, similar liability dates will be identified in line with the above.

Part-time undergraduate and postgraduate students can change modules within a two week period of enrolment and registration – please note this is often well in advance of the module starting but the 2 week window will begin as soon as registration and enrolment have taken place. Please check modules carefully in this two week period to ensure modules are correct. An incorrect enrolment on the student’s record not identified during this 2 week period will not entitle the student to a refund after the cut-off date. 

On return from their temporary withdrawal, if a student wishes to resume study, the student will be required to register and pay the full module rate again to finish any uncompleted modules at the prevailing module rate.


Further assistance is also available through the College Student Support Centre on 028 9038 4510