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Students Union

The Students’ Union is an integral part of life Stranmillis and has helped create countless memories for students over the years. It’s location and format have changed every now and then but the heart of Stran life has stayed at the core; because of this, you may occasionally find people in the union who graduated several years ago! The point is, the union represents a university experience beyond the degree and exists solely for YOU!

There are a huge variety of sporting and non-sporting clubs and societies to take part in and compete for, such as football, rugby, GAA, Christian Union, drama, music, volleyball, even our own open mic night – “TNL” or “Thursday Night Live” for anyone who sings, plays anything at all or just fancies a laugh. A new state-of-the-art Students’ Union bar and social area was completed at the beginning of last year as a space to host all of the events that run Monday-Friday evenings and a place to chill out in between classes!

Alongside supplying you with countless daytime activities and hours of evening entertainment, the Students’ Union is here to provide help and support, by ensuring that any queries or concerns you have with any aspect of uni life are taken on board and resolved. We understand that going to university is an extremely exciting, albeit daunting experience, and here at the Union we aim to provide you with the best possible opportunities to ensure that your time here is successful, rewarding, and looked back upon with fond memories.

Students are represented at Stran by a democratically elected Students’ Representative Council (SRC). The council is presided over by the SRC Executive, and one of the most important aspects of the work of the Executive is as the representative group interacting with lecturers and management and negotiating for you at every level within the College. The Executive consists of a Sabbatical Officer (President) elected into the position and nine students, each of whom holds a different post, covering everything from handling your halls issues to working alongside our diverse body of international students. If you decide to come to Stranmillis, I urge you to get to know and become actively involved with YOUR Students’ Union, and I guarantee that your university experience will be truly enriched as a result.