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Staff Profile

Dr Brian James Cummins
EdD MEd BEd (Hons) PGCTE PGdipTE

Head of Widening Participation
Educational Studies
Building: Stran House
Room: A3 Centre
Telephone: +44 (0) 28 90 384 349


Background & Qualifications

       Dr Brian Cummins is a Principal Lecturer in Education in Stranmillis University College Belfast, and prior to this he taught Technology & Design in the Post-Primary sector. Brian is the Head of Widening Participation within Stranmillis and is currently leading a number of projects aimed at raising educational aspirations within educationally underachieving communities and also promoting 'Males into Teaching'. He has a strong interest in teaching and research associated with educational underachievement due to social disadvantage. In particular he advocates greater understanding of community engagement and intervention in partnership with schools. Brian is currently leading the establishment of the A3 Centre within Stranmillis that acts as the focal point within the College for project intervention and research associated with Community Engagement, Partnership and Outreach. In relation to schooling Brian is interested in curriculum design, innovation and implementation for non-conforming learners and for the past 20 years Brian has been involved in research, application and promotion of enterprise/entrepreneurship education within schools and colleges. He is currently a volunteer within Young Enterprise Northern Ireland.
       BEd (Craft, Design and Technology) QUB - Stranmillis College, 1990
       Post Graduate Certificate in Technology Education, University of Ulster, 1993
       MEd (History of Education in Ireland), University of Ulster, 1994
       Post Graduate Diploma in Technology Education (FG Wilson Award Recipient), University of Ulster, 1995
       EdD (Enterprise Education), University of Ulster, 2003


BEd Courses / M-Level Courses / Other Teaching :
             Teach (Lecture and Seminars) Module Coordinator Year 1 (Primary and Post-Primary) Module 'An Introduction to Education'
             Teach (Lecture and Seminars) Year 2 (Primary and Post-Primary) Module 'Learning and Assessment in Diverse Classrooms'
             Teach (Lectures and Briefing Seminars) Module Coordinator Year 3 (Post-Primary) SBW Module
             Teach (Seminars) Module Coordinator Year 3 (Post-Primary) Module 'Educational Research'
             Teach (Lecture and Seminars) Module Coordinator Year 4 (Primary and Post-Primary) Module 'Working with Disadvantaged Children'
             Teach (Lecture and Seminars) MEd 'Educational Disadvantage' Specialist Option Educational Studies
             ----------Dissertation Supervision----------
             BEd Year 4 Education Research Thesis Supervision
             MEd Research Thesis Supervision
             EdD Second supervision
             --------Additional Teaching Contributions--------
             Contribute to Year 1 and Year 2 Post-Primary 'Personal and Professional Learning'
             Teaching input to (1xLecture) Erasmus International Module and IFSA students
             Teaching input to ECS Module 'Partnerships with Children and Families' - Male Role Models'

Scholarship and Research

Recent Publications/Conference Papers
             McKee, B.E. and Cummins, B. (2015 forthcoming) The 'Just ASK' Project. A Community Intervention Partnership with Children, Families, Carers and Schools: Changing attitudes, skills and knowledge (ASK) about children's learning. Briefing Paper. Belfast: Stranmillis University College
             McKee, B.E. and Cummins, B. (2015) Initial Teacher Education and Looked After Children - Who Cares? Research Briefing Paper. Belfast: Stranmillis University College
             McKee, B.E. and Cummins, B. (2014) Parents and Pre-schoolers on Campus: Raising Educational Aspirations of Parents through a Collaborative University Based Intervention. Briefing Paper. Belfast: Stranmillis University College
             Cummins, B., Kelly, J. (2014) EntreBRAINeur Phase 2: taking it Further Exploring Entrepreneurial Learning Preferences: A Study of 3 Regional Further Education Colleges. Full Research Report and Summary Report for 'Investigating the EntreBRAINeur' Phase 2 DELNI
             Cummins, B., Kelly, J. (2014) The Application of Neuroscience in Education -Fringe Presentation ATL 2014 Conference Manchester 15-04-14
             Cummins, B., Kelly, J. (2012) Taking it Further: Exploring Entrepreneurial Learning Preferences: A Case Study of Northern Regional College. Report Presentation to DELNI (Funding Body) Curriculum Managers 18-05-12
             Cummins, B., Kelly, J. (2012) Taking it Further: Exploring Entrepreneurial Learning Preferences: A Case Study of Northern Regional College. Report Presentation to Board of Governors Northern Regional College (Funding Body) 18-04-12
             Ievers, M., Ni Aingleis, B., Cummins, B., Wylie, K., Grey, C. (2012) The role of the University Tutor in School-Based Work in Primary Schools in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. European Journal of Teacher Education
             Wylie, K., Cummins, B. (2012) Can student teachers acquire core skills for teaching from part-time employment? British Educational Research Journal
             Cummins, B., Kelly, J. (2011) 'Investigating the EntreBRAINeur
             taking it Further' Full Research Report and Summary Report for 'Investigating the EntreBRAINeur' Phase 2 Pilot Study DELNI
             Cummins, B., Kelly, J. (2011) Taking it Further: Exploring Entrepreneurial Learning Preferences: A Case Study of Northern Regional College. Interim Report Presentation to DELNI (Funding Body) 19-04-11
             Cummins, B., Kelly, J. (2011) Learning Preferences, Entrepreneurship and Education. ATL Members' Meeting Wellington Park Hotel Belfast, 09-11-11 Wednesday 9th November
             Cummins, B., Kelly, J. (2011) EntreBRAINeur: Investigating the Learning Styles of Entrepreneurs. International Thinking Skills Conference, Queen's University Belfast, 21 JUNE 2011- EDUCATION/BUSINESS/EARLY YEARS
             Cummins, B., Kelly, J. (2011) Entrepreneurial Struggles at School. Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) REPORT MAGAZINE May 2011 ARTICLES: NORTHERN IRELAND
             Cummins, B., Kelly, J. (2010) 'Investigating the EntreBRAINeur' Full Research Report and Summary Report for 'Investigating the EntreBRAINeur' Phase 1 DELNI
             Cummins, B., Monaghan, T. (2009) 'Let Your Ideas Take Flight' Conference Presentation and Paper (published in conference proceedings) Celebrating the Handley Page Centenary: 100 Years of Education in Aeronautics - Time for a Change? Royal Aeronautical Society Annual International Training Conference 24 June 2009 No.4 Hamilton Place, London
             Cummins, B., Ni Aingleis, B. (2009) School Based Work in the North and South of Ireland: Exploring the Role of the HEI Tutor. The Standing Conference on Teacher Education, North and South (SCoTENS) Challenges for Teacher Education 2009 ANNUAL REPORT
             Corscadden, F. Cummins, B. Curry, A. (2008) 'Stirring up debate in the Classroom: Using Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) to train teachers on how to facilitate classroom discussion on human rights issues', at the Human Rights Education For a Sustainable Future- Celebrating 60 years of the UDHR, at St. Patricks College, Drumcondra, Dublin Conference on 20th September 2008
             Cummins, B. (2006) From Little Acorns - Research Report - Key Stage 1 Enterprise Approach Pilot, CCEA
             Gray, C., Bell, I., Cummins, B., Eaton, P. Greenwood, J. McCullagh, J., Behan, S. (2006) The Recruitment and Retention of Teachers in Post-Primary Schools in Northern Ireland. DENI Research Report No 43, 2006
             Cummins, B. (2005) From Little Acorns to Ready Steady Enterprise, Developments in School Based Enterprise Education in Northern Ireland. ECER Dublin, 2005
             Cummins, B., Dallat, J.P. (2004) Helping Teachers to make Sense of how Enterprise and Entrepreneurship May be Defined. Citizenship, Social and Economics Education: An International Journal. Vol. 6:2. JPC Publishing
             Cummins, B. (2004) Failing to Recruit - A Qualitative Analysis of Teacher Shortage in the Northern Ireland Post-Primary School Sector. BERA, Manchester, 2004


       Leading the Widening Participation Strategy across the University College, including setting College-wide standards and determining quality of service. Ensuring that statutory requirements for Widening Participation are accurately communicated to staff and students within the College. Monitoring the organisation all Widening Participation activities, including information presentations/insight, outreach support, community engagement and bursary support
       Leading the College A3 (Aspiration, Attainment, Access) Centre to seek out new opportunities for enhancing and developing Widening Participation and Community Engagement in conjunction with students, teachers and external stakeholder groups. Mentoring and managing the College WP Graduate Intern and A3 Centre Administrator
       Responding directly to DEL in relation to Widening Participation issues within the College and writing, submitting and monitoring the statutory WAPP (Widening Access and Participation Plan)
       Leading the delivery of interventions to school and FE students, teachers, pupils and parents, mature students and whole communities to raise the educational aspirations of under-represented groups within Higher Education, from early years to adult marginalized learners
       Liaising with Academic Registry/Admissions in the promotion of courses and selection procedures to ensure that the College presents no unnecessary barriers to participation