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Staff Profile

Dr John McMullen
BSc (Hons), PGCE, DECAP, CPsychol

Senior Lecturer; International Exchange Coordinator
Education Studies
Building: Central Building
Room: M205
Telephone: +44 (0) 28 90 384 397


Background & Qualifications

       BSc Psychology (QUB): 1999-2002
       Autism initiatives : 2003-2004
       PGCE (Stranmillis): 2004-2005
       Year 6 and 7 Teacher in Bocombra PS: 2005-2009
       Doctorate in Educational, Child and Adolescent Psychology (DECAP), QUB: 2009-2012
       Praxis Care Research Award 2013
       Educational Psychologist (SEELB and BELB): 2012-2015
       Honorary Lecturer at QUB School of Psychology: 2013 - 2017
       Chartered Member of British Psychological Society: from 2016

Scholarship and Research

Recent Publications/Conference Papers
             McMullen, J. (2017). Delivering and evaluating interventions in war-affected, low-income countries. Research Intelligence (BERA). Issue 133, 8-10
             McMullen, J. (2016). ADHD- From Understanding to Support. Special (NASEN). March issue, 34-35
             O'Callaghan, P., McMullen, J., Shannon, C., Rafferty, H., & Black A. (2015). Comparing a trauma focused and non trauma focused intervention with war affected Congolese youth: a preliminary randomised trial. Intervention. 13(1): 28-44
             O'Callaghan, P., Branham, L., Shannon, C., Betancourt, T., Dempster, M. & McMullen, J. (2014). A Family-Focused, Psychosocial Intervention with Young People at Risk of Attack & Abduction in North-Eastern DR Congo: A Randomised Controlled Trial. Child Abuse and Neglect. 38 (7): 1197-1207
             McMullen, J., O'Callaghan, P., Shannon, C., Black, A., & Eakin, J. (2013). Group trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy with former child soldiers and other war-affected boys in the DR Congo: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 54(11): 1231-41
             O'Callaghan, P., McMullen, J. & Shannon, C. (2013). Hamlet or Omelette? Debates in the Field of Interventions for War-Affected Children. Clinical Psychology Forum, 258(June): 23-27
             O'Callaghan, P., McMullen, J., Shannon, C., Rafferty, H., & Black, A. (2013). A randomized controlled trial of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for sexually exploited, war-affected, Congolese Girls. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 52(4): 359-369
             McMullen, J., O'Callaghan, P., Richards, J., Eakin, J. & Rafferty, H. (2012). Screening for Traumatic Exposure and Psychological Distress among War-Affected Adolescents in Post-Conflict northern Uganda. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 47(9), 1489-98
             McMullen, J. (2012) Developing, Delivering and Evaluating a Group Trauma Intervention with Former Child Soldiers and Other War-Affected Boys (DECAP thesis), Belfast, QUB
             McMullen, J. (2016) 'Complex Trauma and Child Soldiers'. Keynote address to open the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) Annual Conference, Marble Arch, London, 8 November 2016
             McMullen, J. (2016) 'Providing Mental Health and Psychosocial Support to War-affected Children'. Keynote presentation at 'A Flavour of Psychology' conference, Whitla Hall, QUB, 5 October 2016
             McMullen, J. and O'Callaghan, P. (2016) 'Methodologies For Researching With The Most Disadvantaged In Situations Of Conflict'. BERA President's Roundtable seminar, Riddel Hall, QUB, 12th May 2016
             McMullen, J. (2016) 'ADHD- From Understanding to Support'. Keynote address at Nasen NI Study Day, Stranmillis UC, 16 April 2016
             McMullen, J. and O'Callaghan, P. (2016) 'Providing Mental Health and Psychosocial Support for War-Affected Children- A Reflection on Interventions in Uganda and the DR Congo'. Papers presented at the NIBPS Annual Conference, Dundalk, 4 March 2016
             McMullen, J. (2015) 'Living Well- A Teacher-led Life Skills Programme'. Presentation at the Fields of Life Annual Headteachers Conference, Ibanda, western Uganda, 20 January 2016
             McMullen, J. (2015) 'Supporting Children Affected by War and Displacement'. Presentation at NI Human Rights Festival, Stranmillis UC, 10 December 2015
             McMullen, J. (2015) 'Group-based Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with War-affected Children in the DR Congo'. Paper presented at the Treating the Trauma of the Troubles Conference, Riddel Hall, QUB, 23 November 2015.
Research Interests
             Psychological interventions for children who have been affected by war and conflict
             Education and development in Africa
             Social, emotional and behavioural difficulties


       Senior Lecturer
       International Exchange Coordinator

External Interests / Community Service

       HCPC Registered Educational and Child Psychologist (PYL28408)
       BPS Chartered Educational Psychologist (173663)
       Treasurer of the British Psychological Society- Division of Educational and Child Psychology NI
       Director/trustee on Fields of Life International board (
       Chair of Fields of Life Education Committee
       Director on Links Counselling Service board (
       Educational development and teacher training in Uganda
       Speaking/Training on youth mentoring, mental health, poverty and social justice.