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Fergal Corscadden
M.Sc, BA (Hons)

Web Developer
Digital & Technical Services
Building: Central Building
Room: Central, 2nd Floor
Telephone: +44 (0) 28 90 384 378


Background & Qualifications

       Academic Qualifications

MSc in Computing & Information Systems (1998), at UUM

BA (Hons) Irish History & Politics Degree (1997), at UUM

Work Experience

       Worked at QUB (RSC-NI) in summer of 2005 as E-Learning Advisor.

Prior to this I worked for 4 years at UU on 3 projects:

1) Networking for Enterprise & Agribusiness Training (NEAT) - set up ISDN 2e connectivity & VLE multi-disciplinary courses at 4 FE & 3 Agri Colleges in N.I.(VLE's included WebCT
       FirstClass Intranet Server - Used Intel Pro-share 500 for video conferencing

2) Worked with University Vocational Assessment Centre (UVAC) - Set up ECDL Online training & testing system & developed curriculum for accredited & non-accredited courses. Set up external links & applications training with Heritage Lottery Fund, New Opportunities Fund (London), Maxol Oil & Montupet Car Manufacturers, (Belfast)

3) Designed and delivered blended ILT course/module at Masters Level for Essential Skills Tutors in N.I. as part of the Essential Skills Initiative (School of Education/DEL).


BEd Courses / M-Level Courses / Other Teaching :
  • Teaching:(Sept 2014-2015)- Teaching variety of Technology-enhanced learning skills and techniques - UICT Years 1 & 2

    (2012) Taught on 'Development of the Learner' module for Primary Pathway students.

    Previous: Sept 2010 - June 2012) Taught on DOTL & on BEd Post-Primary Year 2 - SES2015 Understanding Classrooms 2009-10 - outlining significant advances in embedding technology enhanced learning tools and methods in the classroom.
  • I taught on the Development of the Learner module (2009/10) - introduced students to Sony PSP3, for video recording and introduction to handheld learning in the classroom
    This extends teaching at the College embedding technology enhanced learning across the College. See CEPD website for more
  • Other teaching includes devloping Multimedia Learning and web-based video discussion tools to support and enhance delivery - a move away from lecture based delivery, to a blended, digitally enhanced content via web-based and access to multimedia content outside the classroom environment.
  • Other teaching includes developing modules at M.Ed level (UU) on Tools for Essential Skills tutors to exploit: developing interactive multimedia to teach adults with literacy & numeracy problems.
  • Designing amd embedding technology enhanced learnig in the Social Sciences, QUB 2008.
  • Additional teaching includes online teaching of ECDL/NVQ/Microsoft Office suite - to HE & Health Service staff & New Deal candidiates (1999-2005)

  • Scholarship and Research

    Recent Publications/Conference Papers
                 Conferences presented/Papers published

  • Beck, G. & Corscadden F. (2014) Collaborative and transformative learning: creating a network of information, insight and understanding through the use of digital technology. (In Press)


  • Corscadden, F. (2012). 'Teaching new DOGS old tricks: Digitally-Opportune, Gregarious Students and their capacity to learn by doing'. 4th QUB/UCD Doctoral Conference May 2012. QUB, Belfast.

  • Bell, I., Corscadden, F., McCullagh, J. (2010). Developing reflective practice skills for ITE students: using teacher mentors, digital video and multimedia tools to enhance critical reflection in the classroom from multiple interpretations. 1st Teacher Education Advancement Network (TEAN) conference "The Importance of Education", at Glasgow Caledonian University on 21st May 2010.

  • McCullagh, J. & Corscadden, F. (2010).'Student teachers' perspectives on the use of video analysis as a means to enrich and enhance the process of reflection.'1st Teacher Education Advancement Network (TEAN) conference "The Importance of Education", at Glasgow Caledonian University on 21st May 2010.

  • Corscadden, F. (2010). CHANGE? Can Holistic Appropriation Nourish Genuine Education? Doing Your Doctoral Research: Forging Links in Education. All Ireland Conference for Doctoral Researchers in Education 22nd May 2010. Poster presentation.

  • Corscadden, F., Bell, I, McCullagh, J. (2010). Teachers' reflective practice via video enquiry: the usefulness of peers, teacher mentors and video as a method to enhance the enculturation and reflection of pre-service teachers. Critical and Reflective Practice in Education Vol. 1, Issue 2. University College Plymouth St Mark & St John Online here

  • McCullagh,J., Stewart,J., Corscadden,F. 2009 'Developing a partnership between out of school agencies and initial teacher education.' Presentation to the 5th ESCalate ITE Conference at Glyndwr University

  • Corscadden, F. (2009) 'L.O.V.E. is in the air, everywhere I look around: Learning Opportunities via Video Enquiry.' QUB/UCD inaugural doctoral research conference, Dublin. May 8/9, 2009.

  • Corscadden, F. & Mc Cullagh J. (2009) 'Developing enquiry, interaction and collaboration skills, through technology-enhanced learning: A Case study of Stranmillis University College, Centre for Excellence in Professional Development.' The University Oxford. April 2nd. Conference title: Shock of the Old 2009 Digital literacy: the role of new media in the HE curriculum. Paper accepted Link

  • Corscadden, F. & Cummins, B. (2008) 'Stirring up debate in the Classroom: Using Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) to train teachers on how to facilitate classroom discussion on human rights issues', at the Human Rights Education For a Sustainable Future- Celebrating 60 years of the UDHR, at St. Patricks College, Drumcondra, Dublin Conference on 20th September 2008.

  • Corscadden, F. (2008).'An introduction to some useful technologies for qualitative research: capture, archive, store and share'. 4th Annual Research Conference, QUB.

  • Corscadden, F. (2007). 'Cognitive Digital Video: Teaching & learning tools for the next generation?' 3rd Annual Research Conference, QUB.

  • Child Centred and Early Childhood conference Conference details here

  • CEPD Evaluation report, July 2007. CEPD. Stranmillis University College.

  • The Great Famine in the North West (Booklet) Derry: Genealogy Gentre, 1996.

  • 'NEAT' Project Final Report 2001 University of Ulster
    Research Interests
                 Technology-Enhanced Learning, Wireless Classroom Delivery, ILT, Technology Innovation, Motivational Teaching & Learning, VLEs, Online Pedagogy, Computer Based Learning, Virtual Classrooms, Virtual Collaborative tools, Game-Based Learning, Multimedia Technologies, Interaction, Constructionism, Reflective Practice, Collaboration, HCI
                 Completed PhD in September 2015 'The use of digital media and cooperative learning groups to promote development of pedagogic content knowledge in initial teacher education'


    Educational Developer: Technology-Enhanced Learning
    Assisting academic staff with the embedding of enhanced learning technologies to develop pedagogic and technological skills within all teaching pathways

    Worked on CREDIT programme & Literacy Project to name a few I have responsibility for online & video resources (recording, editng, production & embedding within modules.
    Also, responsible for electronic/digital assessment across other projects.

    I am a peer reviewer for the International Journal of Early Years Education

    Responsible for developing and researching the setting up a Centre for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL).

    This also includes engaging academic staff across all disciplines in the use of technolgy enhanced learning tools and methods. The CETL was known as the Centre for Excellence in Professional Development (CEPD). Our core remit is to enhance reflection, cooperation, collaboration, interaction by introducing technology enhanced learning in an authentic and related way
           essentially developing trasnferrable, digital skills through pegagogical methods. Our focus is therefore on the pedagogical advances via blended learning. The website address is -

    External Interests / Community Service

           Committee member, Internal Pedagogic Research & Evaluation Network (IPREN) Member HEA & Escalate
    Writing | Listening to Electronic Music (Creative Commons | Netlabels)