Important College Information

Introduction (our business)

The University College’s main areas of activity are:

  • undergraduate and post-graduate education of teachers for nursery, primary and special schools in all sectors; undergraduate education of teachers for certain subject areas in secondary schools and colleges in all sectors;
  • professional development of serving teachers from all types of schools and of other education professionals;
  • vocational undergraduate education of professionals to work across the whole spectrum of the Early Years sector;
  • vocational undergraduate education of professionals to work in organisations involved in health promotion, fitness and leisure;
  • operation of a conference centre on both a residential and a non-residential basis.

The College’s teaching programmes are underpinned by a major commitment to research and to international outreach through staff and student mobility (both inward and outward). As an academically integrated College of Queen’s University Belfast, our teaching provision leads to QUB degrees and other awards and is governed by the academic policies and requirements of the University. Stranmillis retains full autonomy however in relation to funding and staff employment.

The Freedom of Information Act 2000

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 is intended to foster a culture of openness and transparency. The Act provides a general right of access to all types of recorded information held by public authorities, subject to certain exemptions, and imposes obligations on these authorities as to how they should respond to written requests for information. However, the public authority is not required to release information to which any of the exemptions in the Act applies.

The Act also establishes the Office of Information Commissioner with responsibility for ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Act.

The aim of this publication scheme is to provide easy public access to a wide range of information. The Act states that a publication scheme should specify:

  • The classes of information Stranmillis University College publishes or intends to publish;
  • The manner in which it will be published; and
  • Whether the information is available free or on payment.

The classes of information and the manner in which they will be published are specified in Section 6.

Responsibility for Freedom of Information

At senior level within Stranmillis University College, responsibility for Freedom of Information (FOI) issues lies with the HR Manager.

How to obtain information listed in this scheme

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, you have a statutory right of access to information held and recorded by Stranmillis University College subject to certain exemptions. Most of the information listed will be available on the Stranmillis University College website. Where information is available by post, a request can be made in writing with the Freedom of Information Form old. Please provide as many details as possible to allow Stranmillis University College staff to identify the information sought.

Publication Scheme

The methods by which available information may be accessed or obtained are listed against each information class. If you have any difficulty identifying the information you require, staff are available to help you. Please contact:

HR Manager
Stranmillis University College
Enquiries may be forwarded to

Related Publication Schemes

This publication scheme only covers Stranmillis University College. Some useful contacts for other organisations are listed below:

Department of Education
Rathgael House
43 Balloo Road
Bangor BT19 7PR
Telephone: +44 (0)28 9127 9279

Department for Employment & Learning
Adelaide House
39/49 Adelaide Street
Belfast BT2 8FD
Telephone: +44 (0)28 9025 7777

The Council for Catholic Maintained Schools
160 High Street
Holywood BT18 9HT
Telephone: +44 (0)28 9042 6972

Queen’s University Belfast
Belfast BT7 1NN

Telephone: +44 (0)28 9097 5133

Annual College Business Plan
Financial Resources

This section covers information on the institution’s strategy and management of financial resources.  Corporate Services provides accounting, procurement and contracting services, helping to make best use of resources and fulfilling statutory responsibilities.  Information that may damage the institution’s commercial interests is excluded from publication.

Anti-Fraud & Bribery Policy

The Anti-Fraud & Bribery Policy is intended to underpin the University College’s commitment to the highest standards of integrity in its management and is designed to satisfy the requirement of the Department for the Economy that the University College should have a written policy on the procedure to be followed when evidence of any potential irregularity, fraud, corruption or any impropriety is discovered.

Download: Anti-Fraud & Bribery Policy

Free of charge

Risk Management Policy

The Risk Management Policy forms part of the University College’s internal control and corporate governance arrangements.

Download: Risk Management Policy and Strategy

Free of charge

Human Resources

This section covers information on the institution’s strategy and management of human resources, rather than information relating to individual members of staff which is exempt from disclosure as personal information.  The information available covers personnel policies and procedures (including terms and conditions of service).

Employment and Employee Relations

The University College has adopted the following policies:

Download: Recruitment & selection for academic & nonteaching stadd

Download: Disciplinary procedures for academic & nonteaching staff

Download: Grievance procedures for academic & nonteaching staff

Download: Equal Opportunities Policy

Download: No Smoking Policy

Download: Whistle Blowing Policy

Download: Dignity at Work and Study Policy

Free of charge

Job Vacancies

Description Details of current vacancies at Stranmillis University College and how to apply.

Visit: Job Vacancies

Equal Opportunities

Details of the Equality Scheme and the University College’s commitment to the Scheme.

Download: Equality Scheme

Free of charge

Human Resources

Free of charge

Staff Development

Details of the University College’s Staff Development Policy & Procedures

Download: Staff Development Policy

Costs Free of charge

Appraisal Scheme for Academic Staff

Download: Details of the University College’s Appraisal Guidelines for Academic and Research staff.

Download: Appraisal Guidelines – Academic and Research Staff

Costs Free of charge

Academic Promotions Scheme

Details of the University College’s Employment Promotions Scheme.

Download: Employment Promotion – Academic

Download: Employment Promotion – Non Teaching

Costs Free of charge

Physical Resources

This section covers information at a strategic level relating to the institution’s management of physical resources.  Information that provides specific details of future plans to develop the estate may be exempt as disclosure could damage the institution’s commercial interests.  


Location maps for Stranmillis University College, and a map of the University College campus.

Download: Location Map

Download: Campus Map

Costs Free of charge

Address of main site

Address for Stranmillis University College and telephone contact information.

Stranmillis University College
Stranmillis Road
Belfast BT9 5DY

02890 381 271

Student Administration and Support

Information on Student Admission, progression and completion

Entry requirements in terms of academic and other criteria for entrance to all courses.

Link:  Courses

Student Accommodation

Halls of Residence accommodation and facilities.

Link: Accommodation

Halls Fees Schedule

Costs to students of Halls of Residence accommodation.

Link: Accommodation

Student Administration

As part of the Agreement between the University College and Queen’s University, students of Stranmillis are considered as students of Queen’s University in relation to academic matters.   In this context, the Student Information System is hosted by Queen’s University in which all information relating to examinations, progress, etc, is held.


Data Protection Policies

Students are covered by the Data Protection Policies of both Queen’s University Belfast and the University College.


Free of charge

Student Admission and Registration

Admission Policy based on principles of equality and transparency.

Download: Admission Policy

Free of charge

Admission Appeals Procedure

Procedures detailing the course of action in the event of a complaint about admissions.

Availability: Written Request

Free of charge

Student Discipline

Information relating to Student Discipline.

Download: Disciplinary procedure

Free of charge

Student Learning & Support Services – Library

Details of Library facilities and opening hours .


Access to IT Services

The IT Services Office is on the first floor of the central building. It is situated adjacent to the main student computer rooms and is also convenient to the Libary, with whom we work closely. If you need to contact us, you can do so by email or telephone. Alternatively, you can simply call into our office during normal working hours.

Student Mentoring Scheme

Students meet with their mentor during Induction week.  He/she is a Third year student, normally studying the same degree programme or main subject.  A student can arrange to meet their mentor during the year and can seek advice and support at any time by phone, e-mail or in person.

Student Disability Policy

The University College is keenly aware of its responsibilities to students with disabilities and is committed to improving the range of services and support facilities available to them.

Link: Student Support

Download:  Student Disability Policy

Free of charge

Student Dyslexia Policy

The University College has developed a policy specifically to support students who have dyslexia.

Download: Student Dyslexia Policy

Free of charge

Student Welfare

Outline of Occupational Health provision. The Occupational Health Service is a core and valuable component of the Student Support Centre.  The Service comprises of one Occupational Health Senior Medical Officer based at Queen’s University Belfast and one Occupational Health Nurse who is available at the Stranmillis campus from 9.00am-12.30pm (Monday-Friday).This confidential service is available to all students. These services are in addition to services that your GP can provide. 


Occupational Health Nurse

Student Support Centre

Tel: 028 9038 4446 or 07710 174679



List of College Chaplains.

Download: List of chaplaincies

Student Associations

5.9.1 Students’ Union Constitution

The Constitution of the Students’ Union.

Students Union Annual Accounts

Annual Accounts for the Students Union.

Availability:  Written request to the Students Union.

Free of charge

Information Services

This section covers those functions within the institution that provides access to information for the student body and academic and administrative staff.

Availability and condition of use of facilities

Details of Library facilities and opening hours .


IT facilities

Description Details of IT facilities


Link to College IT facilities

Free of charge

Policies with regard to Data and Information

The Regulations are to make users aware of their duty to use the University College’s computer resources responsibly, professionally, ethically and lawfully.

Download: IT – Acceptable Use of Systems

Download: Data Protection Policy

Free of charge

Procurement and Disposal Policy

See Section 2.1 on procurement

Free of charge

Scope of Collections held

Guide to Collections


Teaching and Learning

This section includes information regarding the management of teaching and learning within the institution, including mechanisms for reviewing and ensuring the quality of teaching provided.

Academic year dates

This section includes information on the dates for the current academic year as well as future academic years (as far as it is known).

Link: Key Dates

External Review Information

Programme Specifications and module descriptions


Summary of External Examiners reports

Summaries of External Examiner reports have been published on the TQI (Teaching Quality Information) website as follows:


ETI (Reports)


Information on the College’s Internal Procedures for Assuring Academic Quality Standards

QUB Regulations


Opportunities to study overseas/Outreach Policy

Opportunities exist for students to study at a higher education institution in Europe.  Normally one in five undergraduate students study in Europe at stage two of their degree.  At Level three there are opportunities for student teachers to undertake teaching practice in an international setting.


Free of charge

National Survey Information

The National Student Survey (NSS) aims to generate feedback about the quality of students’ courses, to help inform the choices of future applicants to higher education and to contribute to public accountability.

Results from the NSS will be an essential element of the revised quality assurance framework for higher education. The first full-scale survey, including all publicly-funded higher education institutions in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, takes place in spring 2005. All final year undergraduate students at these institutions will be asked a series of questions about the quality of their courses.


Staff/Student Consultative Committees

Details of function and purpose of Staff/Student Consultative Committees are held in the QUB Quality Handbook, Section I2.  Section I2 Staff/Student Consultative Committees

Minutes – Course Consultative Committees

Availability: On request from Principal’s Office

Staffing Structure of Academic Departments

Staff members and contact details

Link: Contacts

Student Assessment Strategy

Examination Periods

Information relating to examination periods for the academic year, and dates of publication of timetables and results.


Examination Regulations

Regulations for the examination of undergraduate courses.


Appeal Procedures

Procedures for requests for review of any aspect of academic assessment from students on undergraduate or postgraduate taught programmes.

Download: Appeal Procedures

Free of charge

Tuition Fees

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Fees for home and international students.

Link: Fees and Finance

Research and Scholarship

This section covers information relating to the institution’s management and funding of its research activities.


Research & Scholarship Committee


Availability: Available on request from the Research Office.

Research Policy and Strategy


Research Ethics Policy

Code of Ethics in Research
Download Link

Regulations Governing the Allegation and Investigation of Misconduct in Research
Download Link


External Relations

This section covers information relating to the institution’s relationship with its external environment.  This includes formal reports which the institution is required to provide to DEL, arrangements with other institutions and how it retains contact with its former students.


As all degrees and certificates are awarded through QUB, this area is dealt with by QUB Alumni Office.


Community Liaison

A number of varied projects and collaborations are ongoing with partnership institutions and agencies.

Government and Regulator Relations

QAA Subject Review documentation (2001) and ETI self-evaluation documentation

Availability: Written request to Principal’s Office

Costs £10

Marketing and Recuitment 

The University College Prospectus and course leaflets are available for download or by contacting Academic Registry. Tel: 028 9038 4263  E-mail: Academic Registry

Link: Courses

Open Day

The Open Day provides an opportunity to visit the campus and to meet both staff and students.

Link: Events

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements in terms of academic and other criteria for entrance to all courses.   Please contact Academic Registry at an early stage if in doubt about specific entry requirements.

Link: Courses

Press Releases

Press releases and archives from Stranmillis University College and Queen’s University Belfast.

Link: News

Student Welcome Pack

This pack is issued to all new students at the start of the academic year.

Availability: Written request to Corporate Services

Costs £10

Employers' Liability Insurance Certificate
Classes of Publication

The Freedom of Information Act requires a Publication Scheme to specify the classes of information that Stranmillis University College already publishes or intends to publish. The information in the Stranmillis University College Publication Scheme is broadly stated, follows the layout on the Stranmillis University College Homepage and is described in a way which we hope will allow easy access.

This publication scheme divides the information published by Stranmillis University College into nine categories. These are:

Charges for Published Information

Whilst most information can be accessed free of charge, certain publications and other classes of information will only be available on receipt of payment. Where charges apply, this is identified on the listing below.

Reasons to study at Stranmillis

Student Satisfaction

Student Satisfaction

Ranked No.1 for satisfaction in Northern Ireland.

Work-based placements

Work-based placements

100% of our undergraduate students undertake an extensive programme of work-based placements.

study abroad

study abroad

32% of our students enjoy a study abroad experience.

student success

student success

We are proud to have a 95% student success rate.