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CREDIT Data Protection

The use of data by the CREDIT team is subject to the data protection guidelines and practice of Stranmillis University College. The following is intended to clarify rather than replace any existing data protection policies in place.

When you apply to take part in a CREDIT course, you are agreeing that we may use your data for the following purposes:

• we will use your contact details to send you information relating to the course;
• we may also use your contact details to send you information about other courses, events and activities we offer or that are offered by other relevant organisations;
• we may pass generic information on total number of schools from each phase, sector and Board to IFI (and Department of Education as their managing agents) but will not pass on individual names or contact details;
• except in connection with the activities described above or where required to do so by law, we will not disclose your data to third parties without your permission.

In addition, if you are a participant in a CREDIT course:

• we may publish your contact details to the members of your participant group, facilitators and members of the course team;
• we will use your contact details to send you information relating to the course and to elicit feedback after the course;
• we may publish your name, school and course attended as part of our promotional materials.

In addition, when you complete questionnaires or take part in interviews regarding your experience on the course we will use data gathered in this way to produce publications such as research papers, reports etc. However data will be used in aggregate form only - no schools or individuals will be identified in any subsequent publications. If in the unlikely event that such identification was desirable, further explicit consent would be sought from the school or individual concerned.

Throughout the CREDIT courses, we hope to capture elements of the individual sessions to use for ongoing and future publicity purposes.  This may be in copy, photography or video, as is deemed appropriate.

WEBSITE: Including  PHOTOGRAPH(S) and NAME on Stranmillis University College Web pages;
PUBLICATIONS: Including future editions of StraNews flyer;
CAMPUS:  Display your PHOTOGRAPH(S) and NAME throughout Stranmillis University College Campus (Display boards etc)
MEDIA:  Release your PHOTOGRAPH(S) and NAME to local newspapers.

If you have queries relating to the use of your data, email