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Participants' Feedback

Exploring Skills in CREDIT Feedback

''A highly practical and manageable course.  All teachers should get opportunity to up skill in this area.''

''It has re-energised my thinking in this area. I can’t wait to get back to school to make a plan of action.  I feel my school might be over-looking this area at present.''

''Gained new ideas and ability to develop theses within the classroom.  The practical activities were fun and challenging.  I didn’t realise that the elements of diversity are so widespread and can be adapted throughout all year groups.''

''I really have taken away a lot from the 3 days.  Hopefully I can pass my enthusiasm back to my colleagues.''

''Unbelievable thought provoking course – actually feel excited about the future.  Thoroughly enjoyed discussion – good ideas to take back to school.''

Extending Skills in CREDIT Feedback

''It is fantastic talking to other people on the course who have a lot of experience in implementing and sustaining projects.  I have learnt how to address an invitational school and thinking about the 5P’s is a very practical approach to thinking critically about diversity.''

''The course has been very mind broadening and has persuaded me to think outside the box.''

''Excellent course, really informative and enjoyable.  Reaffirmed my own beliefs about education. Thank you.''

''A greater understanding of ethnic minority groups.  The possibility of shared planning and learning with other schools.''

''Super course – giving plenty of food for thought.''


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