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Education Studies

Course Outline

Lecture Education Studies consists of the study of the processes of schooling and the social context within which these take place. It employs the theoretical perspectives provided by the foundation disciplines in education, philosophy, psychology, sociology, history and comparative studies. The subject poses practical questions relating to the purposes of schooling, the organisation of schooling, the curriculum and the process of learning. Education Studies encourages teachers to evaluate practice and formulate their own philosophical positions on schooling and the education of children. The study of education is a fundamental part of a teacher's professional preparation and is based at Stranmillis University College upon the development of a personal philosophy of practice.

Teaching & Learning

The purpose of Education Studies is to assist teachers to reach a high level of professional understanding. At Stranmillis University College Education Studies provides an integration into the professional world of the teacher. In the programme of study students will attend lectures, seminars and have the opportunity of taking part in tutorial sessions. The integration of key skills into the process of education is an important part of the study of the subject. Students will be encouraged to use electronic means in their presentations and research. They will have the opportunity to adopt critical stances within the study of the foundation disciplines and in the implementation of them in practice. The methods of teaching in Education Studies will include a wide range of approaches where students will have the opportunity of entering into a critical debate about practice.

Course Content

TS Education Studies aims to focus on the development of the thinking of the critically aware teacher. Work in the University College relates to work undertaken in schools on day visits and during School Based Work. Students will be constantly encouraged to formulate philosophical positions and to consider and reconstruct their ideas about schooling. Through the Teaching Studies programme practical theoretical perspectives are presented to students so that they can make sense of the classroom and become exciting and challenging classroom teachers. Teaching Studies is developed as a preparation for teaching during the first half of the course and is followed in Year 3 and 4 with periods of reflective practice and consideration of some of the more specialist aspects of schooling. Here students will have the opportunity to specialise in chosen areas and in particular phases of education. Education Studies provides modules which are specific to both the primary school and secondary school and develops the professional preparation and foundation all teachers will need to enter a career in teaching.