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Postgraduate Studies

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Stranmillis University College has a long history of teacher education both at undergraduate and postgraduate level and offers a range of M Level courses.

The M-level programmes available at Stranmillis University College, and the specific programme modules, have been designed to provide professional learning pathways to enhance the skills, competencies and career-long personal development of teachers and education-related professionals. The programmes enable students to:

• engage in and inform debate on major issues in education;

• reflect in depth on the relationship between theory and practice in a professional context;

• develop professional competencies in specialist areas;

• discuss and evaluate research and best practice in education and educational policy, practice and theory;

• critically appraise, design and conduct research;

• reflect on personal and professional development.


All Master’s level programmes consist of 120 CAT points, usually 4 x 30 CAT points modules, and a dissertation worth 60 M-level points. Each student takes (a minimum of) 60 CAT points in their chosen option plus 30 CATS points from this option or any other. They also usually take the research methods module before proceeding to dissertation. Part time students normally take 60 CAT points in each of 2 academic years followed by dissertation in the 3rd year. However it is possible to take an accelerated route, completing 120 CAT points in one year followed by a dissertation in the following year. It is also possible to spread study over a longer period of time up to a maximum of 5 years.

This programme is designed to support the professional and leadership development of teachers and education professionals in line with the Department of Education’s Learning Leaders strategy, with a structured approach to reflection and learning within the context of a student’s own setting and area specialism.
Information Flyer: Flyer for 2019-2020 will follow shortly.
This specialist option draws upon a wide range of academic disciplines (such as history, philosophy, psychology and sociology) to further a student’s understanding of learning and educational contexts. Education Studies looks at how we learn, from early childhood through the years of compulsory schooling and into adulthood.
This year we are delighted to offer 1 new module in partnership with Middletown Centre for Autism.  Please see the attached flyer for more information.
Information Flyer: Flyer for 2019-2020 will follow shortly.
This specialist option addresses a need for high-quality professional development in the critical and challenging area of pastoral care and equips students to respond effectively to a range of challenging pastoral situations such as children experiencing abuse, bullying or mental health issues.
Information Flyer: Flyer for 2019-2020 will follow shortly.
These specialist options in SEN Literacy are for students who wish to develop the specialist knowledge and skills required to teach children with Dyslexia or fulfil the role of individual specialist assessor for examination access arrangements. Available options (each with specific associated modules of their own) are:
• Teaching Children with Specific Literacy Difficulties (with Associate Membership of British Dyslexia Association)
• Addressing Difficulties in Literacy Development
• Individual Specialist Assessment, SEN and Access Arrangements
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Flyers for 2019-2020 will follow shortly.
This programme will appeal to education professionals with a passion for the education and care of young children, developing and enhancing the knowledge and skills of early years practitioners as they improve the outcomes and opportunities for children, families and communities.
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The next intake for our Masters programmes is September 2019.  Application forms are now available by emailing
Please note the MEd Sen Literacy pathway does not have a January 2020 intake. For these programmes there is one intake per year in September.
The Masters Flyer for 2018-2019 is available to download here: Masters Flyer 2018 2019
Flyer for 2019-2020 will follow shortly.
For guidance and application of Masters courses please contact:
Louise O'Sullivan
CPD & Masters
Stranmillis University College
Stranmillis Road
Belfast BT9 5DY

Ph: 028 9038 4327