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BASICS Project

BASICS Project (Books And Stories In Children’s Science)
Downloadable BASICS Project Report

(Project Video downloadable here)

This project, funded by the AstraZeneca Science Teaching Trust, aims to promote and develop the use of both fiction and non-fiction books in enquiry-based science at Key Stage 1.

The ‘basic’ aim of this work is to build on young children’s innate curiosity and their love of stories. The project involves our Year 3 Science students teaching in a cluster of five local primary schools.

During the first ‘modelling phase’ (2006-2007), the classroom teachers have the opportunity to observe and reflect on the approaches and practices adopted by the student teachers.

The next ‘scaffolding phase’ (2007-2008), will see the classroom teachers, now supported by a Science student, integrating these approaches into their classroom practice.

Principal investigator:
John McCullagh (SUC)

Project Team:
Julian Greenwood (SUC),
Glenda Walsh (SUC),
Sandra Ward (SUC),
Peter McAlister (SEELB),
Valerie Macartney (SEELB)