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DREAMS Project

‘DREAMS’ Project (Digitally Resourced Engaging And Motivating Science)


This project, funded by the AstraZeneca Science Teaching Trust, aims to develop the use of digital resources within primary science. Digital resources such as computer microscopes, movie-creators and data-loggers extend the means by which children can capture and communicate information about the world they live in. In addition to making science much more accessible and enjoyable the project seeks to explore how enquiry science can support the overall curriculum, particularly with respect to Communication, Using Mathematics and ICT. The project’s focus on science enquiry via hands-on experiences will also provide the opportunity to consider how this approach can develop children’s Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities.

During 2008-2009 the project involved six schools from across Northern Ireland and undergraduate students from Stranmillis University College. In 2009-2010 the project will look at incorporating the exemplar lessons across a whole school.

Principal Investigator
John McCullagh (SUC)

Project Team
  • Julian Greenwood (SUC)
  • Peter McAlister (SEELB)
  • Valerie Macartney (SEELB)
  • Fergal Corscadden (SUC)
  • Eleanor Thomas (LearningNI)
  • Ann Cairns (SUC)