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Bursaries Information

From September 2018 Stranmillis University College will charge: - 


Tuition Fees

Northern Ireland


England, Scotland and Wales




Republic of Ireland and other non-UK EU countries


Widening Access

Following the introduction of deferred variable fees, the University College is required to offer support to students who may not otherwise have access to Higher Education.  Stranmillis University College will offer a range of support to encourage students from low socio-economic backgrounds and other underrepresented groups to pursue Higher Education studies.  Full details of these proposals are outlined in the Access Agreement which is available from the Student Support Centre.

Stranmillis University College Bursary

The University College offers a means tested Bursary for full-time UK students paying full fees.  This is in addition to other grants and loans available to students such as those administered via Student Loans Company. Your eligibility for this bursary is assessed by the Student Finance NI (SFNI) using the application process that you submit for SLC funding on your PR/PN1 form and  is based on the student’s household income. 


The Bursary is not repayable, however students will be required to repay all or part of the bursary if they do not complete the academic year.


You do not need to make a separate application for the Bursary.  Students must have given their approval to have their details and their parent’s details shared with the University College and Student Finance NI to allow assessment of their eligibility for this award. 

The University College will approve the payment of the Bursary if the SFNI assessment, on which the College relies, shows that the student is entitled to the Bursary. This process normally happens at the start of January after which a letter will be issued to eligible students. 


For 2018-19 the Bursary levels for new UK full-time students will be as follows:

Household Income

How much

£19,203 or less

£500 bursary

Over £19,204

No bursary

Students assessed as eligible by SFNI will receive their Bursary payment in two equal instalments (normally January and March). This is paid on behalf of the University College via the Student Loans Company (SLC).


Student Finance NI will request information from each student to support their bursary assessment (e.g. P60s) – please note that this information should not be sent to the University College.


Other Support

Halls Accommodation Bursary - 50% contribution to the cost of a Standard Room

Stranmillis University College offers a limited number of ‘Halls Accommodation Bursaries’ for eligible students from certain priority groups as detailed below. All applicants must be eligible to receive the Stranmillis University College Bursary and will need to outline how their educational progress would be enhanced by receiving 50% contribution to the cost of a standard room in Halls of Residence rather than e.g. continuing to study whilst based at home.

Priority Groups are:

  • The first person in their immediate family (father, mother, brother or sister) to go into Higher Education;
  • Student is a male entrant into the Primary BEd course;
  • Student has a mobility disability and is eligible for Disabled Students’ Allowance or can provide documentary evidence about the disability; please note that a learning disability, such as dyslexia, is not considered a disability for the purposes of the Halls of Residence Bursary.

Students must clearly demonstrate that they meet at least one of the above criteria. Where applications exceed the limited number of Halls Accommodation Bursaries available enhanced criteria may be applied.

For further information and an application form please contact


Care Experienced Students

Verified Care Experienced students are eligible for a free Halls of Residence place for the duration of their course (no means testing applies to this priority group i.e. they do not also need to be entitled to a Stranmillis University College Bursary). Students must apply each year for a free Halls of Residence place via the Care Leaver Co-ordinator at Stranmillis University College.

A Care Leaver Study Support Bursary is available for verified Care Experienced students at the following rates:

  • £600 in first year
  • £800 in second year
  • £1,000 in third year
  • £1,000 in final year for those enrolled on a four year degree

A Care Leaver Graduation Bursary of £500 is provided to any 'Care Experienced' student upon graduation to assist with transition into employment or post-graduate study.

For further information on our Care Leaver Support package please contact Ken Gibson Email: Telephone: 028 9038 4401.

Support Fund

A Support Fund is also available to assist students who may otherwise be prevented from entering Higher Education. To be eligible to receive an award from this Fund students must have accessed all available financial support and loans administered by SLC. Students must also demonstrate that they are experiencing financial hardship.

Invitations for Support Fund applications are issued each academic year in October/November with the possibility of a second round in February/March. As Support Fund resources are limited students from priority groups such as those with children or with a disability, mature students and those whose return to full-time study has resulted in financial hardship, are likely to be more successful.

Support Fund awards are not repayable by the student.