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Prospective Students

"...committed to the development of a community of learners who learn with and from each other." 

Stranmillis University College is committed to the development of a community of learners who learn with and from each other. We want our graduates to have the professional and academic skills which will enable them to make a significant contribution to their chosen profession and to social and economic well-being within Northern Ireland and beyond. We strongly encourage social responsibility through community engagement and are committed to providing an environment that fosters an understanding of and a respect for difference.

Our commitment is to identify, educate, and place highly qualified education professionals in schools and related professional settings. By applying greater expertise, and demanding better results, these individuals will help bring about a dramatic expansion of educational opportunity and quality at all levels.

Supportive Learning Environment
All members of our academic staff have been appointed on the basis of their academic subject knowledge and pedagogical expertise, which has emerged from their professional practice in schools and other related professional settings. They are themselves caring professionals who maintain close links with schools and other professional partners. Students who come to the University College therefore benefit from a supportive learning environment and contact with individuals who are at the leading edge of their profession.

‌International Outreach
The University College is strongly committed to international outreach and has established staff and student exchange partnerships with higher education institutions throughout the European Union, in the United States of America, Uganda, South Africa, Malaysia and China. These offer students the opportunity to study and work in other countries as part of their undergraduate course.  Students will also have opportunities to study alongside incoming international students in many of their modules.

The Main BuildingQuality Indicators
The quality of our students is evidenced by the very significant excess of applicants over available places and the fact that the academic qualifications of new entrants are amongst the very highest in the UK. Another simple measure of our achievement is the success rate of our students in obtaining employment after completing their courses. Statistics show that over 80% per cent of our graduates are in employment within a year of completing their course.

Stranmillis uses the QAA regulatory framework, which governs the standards of courses and awards. A system of quality assurance procedures and committees underpins the quality of all our work. We place a considerable emphasis on the enhancement of quality and are committed to improving the quality of teaching and learning.  Stranmillis incorporates external examiners’ reports, curriculum review processes and student evaluation questionnaires into the quality enhancement process. Through our evaluation processes, we aim to promote a vibrant approach to learning and teaching.