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Information for Staff

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Services available to staff include:

  • Pre-employment health assessment.
  • Disability assessment and advice regarding reasonable adjustments.
  • Sickness absence - examination of referred employees and recommendations thereon including ill-health retirement.
  • Advice to staff about the impact of illness on employment.
  • Advice on ill-health early retirement, termination of employment on grounds of ill-health or redeployment to a post with alternative duties.  Reports required by pension providers will be prepared.
  • First aid:
    -  training and retraining of designated first aiders
    -  provision of first aid materials
    -  first aid provision
  • Occupational health care of staff involved in injuries on campus.
  • Travel health - advice to and vaccination of staff travelling on College business.
  • Advice on policy development and provision e.g. policies on drug abuse, alcohol, smoking, fitness to practice, bereavement policy.
  • Health Promotion programmes.
  • Contribution to College assessments.

Self referral

If you have a health concern which you feel is affecting your work, please contact Occupational Health for a confidential appointment. 

  • Staff member makes self referral.
  • You will be seen at Occupational Health within 5 days.
  • If you feel it is an emergency, an appointment will be offered same day.
  • If recommendations/adjustments required, a confidential memo will be forwarded to line manager.  You will be briefed of the content of this memo prior to leaving your appointment.
  • Review appointment booked with nurse / Doctor / Counsellor if required.

Management Referral

If a staff member has been absent from work due to sickness, Occupational Health provide a service to assess if the staff member is fit to return to work and is fit for all duties of their post.

  • Line manager contacts Occupational Health via phone/email and provides a brief summary of referral reason.
  • Human Resources forward letter to staff member re appointment time and details.
  • After appointment memo with recommendations forwarded to manager.  Memo typed and read to staff member and forwarded to management/HR with adjustments/recommendations.
  • If further information required from specialist / GP review appointment booked.
  • If further appointment required with nurse / Doctor / Counsellor booked.

Referral of Students

If you are concerned about a student's health and it may be affecting his/her academic studies, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Lecturer contacts Occupational Health via phone/email.
  • Advised to ask student to contact Occupational Health.  Alternatively Occupational Health will contact the student, if they give their consent.
  • Appointment made.  If necessary an emergency appointment will be offered for same day.
  • After appointment memo with recommendations forwarded to Adviser of Studies.  Memo typed and read to student and forwarded to Adviser of Studies with adjustments/recommendations.
  • Review appointment booked with nurse / Doctor / Counsellor if required. Otherwise open appointment.