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Information for Students

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Occupational Health Services available for students

The Occupational Health Service provides support services to all students at Stranmillis University College.  These services are in addition to services your GP can provide.  You do not have to be registered with the University Health Centre to avail of these services.

The service is designed to meet your needs at the various stages of your student career.  Support is offered prior to arrival, if necessary, until graduation.  If illness should affect your academic progress, we are here to help.

If you have an ongoing medical condition we may have already advised you or your Careers Advisor on your choice of course at Stranmillis University College.  If you need to change course for medical reasons, we will provide advice and support to you and your faculty.  We work closely with Disability Services to ensure that students receive appropriate support and guidance.

If illness should interfere with your studies or examinations, we will provide reports to your faculty/tutor in a manner that maintains medical confidentiality and which ensures the support you require. If your condition should necessitate extra support during examinations, we will agree your needs with the Examinations Office.

Prolonged or serious illness may result in temporary withdrawal from your course. We will provide support documentation to your Head of Department, Education & Library Board or other funding body, to ensure that this process is made as simple as possible, both at the time of your illness, and on your return.  We will also help you deal with the Halls Office and other student services if required.

Services available include:

  • Assessment of medical questionnaires for students entering Initial Teacher Education.
  • First aid care of students involved in accidents on campus.
  • First aid in examination halls.
  • Occupational Health care of students involved in placements.
  • Travel advice to students travelling abroad on placements, ERASMUS schemes.
  • Health promotion programmes.
  • Advice to students in relation to impact of personal illness on academic progress.
  • Reports required by Education & Library Boards from College Medical Officer in relation to students seeking repeat or extended funding.
  • Independent advice to the University College on student fitness for study.
  • General advice to academic staff on student medical conditions.