History of Art 2 : Realism to Abstraction 1860-1914


Of scientific, technological and social developments 1860–1914, probably the most challenging for painting was photography, invented 1838–9 by Daguerre in France and Talbot in England. By 1880 Post-Impressionism was proposing radical alternatives to traditional Renaissance-style ways of seeing and representing – alternatives both informed by and reacting to photography. 1890–1914 saw Matisse and Fauvism, Picasso and Cubism, along with Expressionism, Futurism and Abstraction, build on these developments, before the 1914–18 World War interrupted matters, permanently for several of the leading artists. Topic discussions are supported by slides and online study notes and recordings.


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Dr John Nixon, BA (Hons) DPhil

 ‘I have enjoyed delivering Lifelong Learning courses at Stranmillis since 2013. I have also taught and examined History of Art from A-level (as Chief Examiner for some 24 years) up to and including doctoral level.’


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