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Research Methods Guide

In this video series we guide you through the special considerations you’ll need to take regarding your dissertations or research projects this academic year.

Part 1 – Getting Creative with Secondary Data

In the current pandemic, it’s best to plan your projects in a way that minimises the risks involved. In this video, the first of three, we give an overview of kinds of research you can undertake without any human contact at all, and point you in the direction of further resources.

Online Open-Source Datasets:
Historical Archives:
Grey Literature:
Different subject organisations e.g.

Part 2 – Ethical Considerations of Digital Methods

The golden rule of research ethics is the principle of free, informed consent on the part of research participants within an ethic of respect for the wellbeing of all involved. Online or remote research is no different, but as we will see there are some extra issues to take into account.

British Psychological Society Ethics Guidelines for Internet-mediated Research

Part 3 – Practical Considerations For Online Research

In our final video we take a look at the practical considerations you should be aware of when planning and carrying out your remote research, with a focus on surveys and interviews. Online methods bring some unique opportunities as well as challenges!