Navigating the HAMAS-Israel Conflict: History, Ideology and Enduring Conflict


‘The Islamic Resistance Movement’, commonly known as HAMAS, are a Palestinian based Islamist organisation that seized power in Gaza in June 2007. Founded in 1987 during the 1st Palestinian Intifada, they quickly arose to challenge the position of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation’s (PLO) as leaders of the Palestinian national cause. Navigating the HAMAS-Israel Conflict provides a thorough assessment of this conflict, including an explorative look at the origins and context for the emergence of HAMAS; the ideological roots; Israel’s perspective and response, geopolitical implications for this ongoing conflict as well as the prospects for resolution and future outcomes. This course is suitable for beginners and those with no prior knowledge of the subject.



Code: CHH545
Time: 19:00 - 21:00
Start: 14/01/2025
Day: Tuesday
Price: £46.00
Duration: 6 weeks
Type: On Campus

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Tutor:  Pádraig Fitzpatrick, BEng, MA

A multilingual and confident teacher with a passion for education, Middle Eastern culture and history. An experienced curriculum developer, who naturally uses technology and multimedia to enhance student learning and engagement. Adept at developing and delivering stimulating lessons to enhance student achievement and meet diverse learning needs.

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