The Post-Qualifying Leadership (PQL) programme is designed to support new and aspiring leaders in schools, Further Education Colleges and other educational settings to deliver whole school improvement. The units on the programme are led by experienced leaders from across the primary, post-primary and College sectors.

Each standalone unit on the programme lasts six weeks, and classes are currently held online on Tuesday evenings.

We welcome new students to every Unit and you do not have to commence studies at Unit 1.

Students can opt to do the course with attendance only, or with attainment (assignment).

September Units are now closed for booking. January units will be available to book shortly.

Course Commencing Location Duration Cost
Unit 1: Developing Resilience & Supporting Wellbeing as a LeaderTues 5th Oct 2022Online 6 weeks

£210 / £260
Unit 2: Coaching & Mentoring for Performance ImprovementTues 28th Sept 2021Online 6 weeks £210 / £260
Unit 3:
Management Skills Training I (Strategic Leadership)
Tues 25th Jan 2022Online 6 weeks £210 / £260
Unit 4:Management Skills Training II (Operational Leadership) Tues 26th April 2022Online 6 weeks £210 / £260
Unit 5: Building a Champion Team in School or College as a Learning Leader Tues 28th Sept 2021Online 6 weeks £210 / £260
Unit 6: Leadership Values and Governance:Ethical & Moral Leadership
Tues 25th Jan 2022Online 6 weeks £210 / £260

(1) Developing Resilience and Supporting Wellbeing as a Leader

This unit focuses on wellbeing for leaders, and developing resilience through enhanced problem-solving skills. Models of good practice and research are shared by experienced tutors who will assist you to reflect and develop higher level thinking skills in support of effective evidence-based leadership.

(2) Coaching and Mentoring for Performance Improvement

Coaching and mentoring are integral to the professional learning journey. This unit supports the introduction of good practice teaching and learning improvement, best practice sharing and excellence in terms of whole- school instructional leadership.

This programme, alongside experiential learning (RPEL), can provide a route for progression to the work-based MTeach masters pathway.

(3) Management Skills Training I (Strategic Leadership)

Strategic management is a part of the leadership that even enterprising leaders struggle with, to find the time or resource to support creativity and visionary objectives. This unit offers guidance for strategy development, continuous planning, monitoring, performance analysis and the evaluation of strategic outcomes.

(4) Management Skills Training II (Operational Leadership)

Managing people, budgets, resources, governance and administration are core skills of effective leadership. This unit provides practical case-studies to upskill leaders in applied strategies for operational management and ensures managers at all levels are equipped to improve teaching excellence.

(5) Building a Champion Team in School or College as a Learning Leader 

This unit focuses on the development of ‘teams’ and learning leadership approaches that achieve the aim of whole-school improvement focusing on effective teaching and learning and the entire learning journey, through to employment (careers education).  These are principle objectives for all schools and colleges.  Staff will promote best practices in the development of a communities of practice model of ‘team’ and ‘champion’ leadership, focusing on key teaching and learning challenges for us in education. This unit will support leaders in the design of school/college wide team management with the aim of managing and leading people.  This model may be replicated in any area of curriculum or policy development while the focus on this unit will be learner transition including a focus on careers education and employability for all.

(6) Leadership Values and Governance: Ethical and Moral Leadership

This unit addresses balancing professional values and social responsibility; duty and responsibility; social and professional codes of best practice; leadership styles, skills and practices. Lead practitioners offer insights into the developments in leadership and education, to support shared education.

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