History of Art 3: Modernism in War and Peace 1914-1945


Sickened by the industrialised slaughter of WWI, German war veteran and architect Walter Gropius undertook to harness art and technology to improve living conditions for all. In 1919 he launched the Bauhaus art and design school in Weimar. The Bauhaus indeed improved aspects of all our lives, but its influence is not without criticism. Meanwhile, within fine art, Matisse and Picasso were still vying for leadership, and Surrealists were mining the ideas of Freud and Jung in ways both shockingly new and as old as man himself. Topic discussions are supported by slides and online study notes and recordings.



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Start: 11/02/2025
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Dr John Nixon, BA (Hons) DPhil

 ‘I have enjoyed delivering Lifelong Learning courses at Stranmillis since 2013. I have also taught and examined History of Art from A-level (as Chief Examiner for some 24 years) up to and including doctoral level.’


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