Stranmillis Seasons


Stranmillis Seasons: A Photographic Journey is a visual celebration of the beauty of the Stranmillis University College campus.  As you embark on this voyage through the changing seasons, you will discover a rich, diverse and dynamic ecosystem of flora and fauna, captured in their natural habitat with a frame.

The Stranmillis campus also boasts a total of 23 buildings, many of which are listed.  Within this collection you will be able to admire the 1930 Main Building, visible from the entrance gates, but you will also discover glimpses of the other buildings from the Victorian elegance of Stranmillis House through to the award-winning 2008 Orchard Building.

Books can be purchased and collected from the Marketing Office, Main Building, Stranmillis University College at the RRP £9.99.

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£9.99 Collect, £15.00 Postage and Packaging

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