Our Experts

Celia O'Hagan

General Information

Leadership Responsibilities

  • Widening Participation Coordinator for the College

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Master of Teaching Course Coordinator
  • Module Coordinator for Research Study by Public Works Module STR009
  • Module Coordinator for PG Cert. Module ‘STR001 Teacher as Action Researcher’
  • Module Coordinator for PG Dip Modules ‘STR002 Addressing Diversity and Tackling Underachievement and Learning Leadership’
  • Module Coordinator for PG Cert. Dip Module ‘STR003 Advanced Teaching and Learning and STR004 Communities of Practice in Education’
  • Module Coordinator for PG Cert modules ‘STR005-8 Teaching Skills I, II, III’
  • Module Coordinator for the Masters Educational Research Module EDU7024 for MA, MEd, MTeach

External Interests/Community Service

  • Chairperson for Post-Primary Board of Governors
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Innovative Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (IJITLHE)

Research Interests

  • Evidence-based teaching and learning
  • Social Mobility and Transformative Education
  • School Based Work and the Lesson Observation
  • Reflective Writing and the Development of the Educational Learning Leader
  • Learning Leadership

Background & Qualifications

  • Teacher Educator and Course Director for the PGCE and Master’s Programmes and modules (including the MEd, MSc eLearning, MSc Lifelong Learning) at Ulster from 2009-2017 (8 years).
  • Research Officer for Education and Course Director for the Combined Studies and Access Degree at Ulster from 1995-2009 (14 years) .
  • Teacher of Business Studies and Accountancy for 7 years Post-Primary and Post 16 including GCSE, A Level, GNVQ, BTEC National Awards, HNC/D.
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Research & Scholarship

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

O’Hagan, C., (2021). Professional Learning in Networked Communities: Models and Methods—A Northern Ireland Reflection. In Sustaining Communities of Practice with Early Career Teachers (pp. 133-160). Springer, Singapore.  See https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-981-33-6354-0_6

O’Hagan, C., (2020), Learning Leadership and ePedagogies, in Developing Technology Mediation in Learning Environments, IGI-Global. https://www.igi-global.com/chapter/learning-leadership-and-technology-enhanced-learning/249289

O’Hagan, C., McAleavy, G.J., Storan, J., (2005), Recognising Prior Learning:  A Northern Ireland Study, Journal  of Adult and Continuing Education, 11,1, 29-42. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.7227/JACE.11.1.4?icid=int.sj-abstract.similar-articles.3& 

McAleavy, G., Donegan H.A.,  O’Hagan, C.,  (2004), The Digital Learning Divide – responding to the access needs of  citizens: https://personalpages.manchester.ac.uk/staff/Drew.Whitworth/tangentium/jan04/feature2.html

Research Reports

O’Hagan, C. (2021) The Safer Borrowing Project: An Evaluation of the Impact of Financial Literacy in NI Schools. Belfast, UK: Stranmillis University College

Purdy, N., Beck, G., McClelland, O’Hagan, C., Totton, L., Harris, J., (2019) Too Little, Too Late: The views of parents/carers on their child’s experiences of the Special Educational Needs (SEN) process in mainstream schools. Belfast, UK: NICCY

O’Hagan, C., McAleavy, GJ., Cornyn, J., Fleming, T., (2012), A Comparative Study into Further Education North and South of Ireland: Towards a Framework for Further Education Teaching Qualifications, Armagh, Centre for Cross Border Studies.

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O’Hagan, C., McAleavy, G.J., (with Storan, J., Saunders, D., Johnson B., Thompson, R., (2004), Transfine Project, Informal and Formal Learning Country Studies (NI), http://www.transfine.net/Results/CountryReports/UKreport_for_web.doc

Collins, K., McAleavy, G., Adamson, G., O’Hagan, C., O’Reilly, B., (2003), Combating Poverty:  The Identification and Evaluation of the Mediating Factors, Belfast: SVP.

Professional Periodicals

McAleavy, G., and O’Hagan, C., (2003), Deepening Participation and Progression through the recognition of Occupational Learning. Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning, the Journal of the Institute for Access Studies and the European Access Network, Volume 5, No 3, 50-53


O’Hagan, C. and Irwin, T., (2014), 7 Teaching Skills in Education and Training, ebook.

Conference Presentations

O’Hagan. C. (2019) ‘Keynote Address:  Learning Leadership and Whole-School Improvement’, Principal’s Conference, CSSC, Glenavon Hotel in Cookstown, September 2019.

O’Hagan, C. (2019) ‘WomenEd NI Conference –  Workshop:  Recognising Women through Prior Learning:  An Equality Agenda,’ September 2019, Hazelwood College.

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Quinn, J., Casey, L. Knox, H, McAleavy, G., O’Hagan, C., Quinn, J., Saunders, D., Slack, K., Thexton, W., Thomas, L. Rethinking ‘Working Class Drop-out’. Leaving Early: International Perspectives on Working Class Students’ Withdrawal Institute for Access Studies Staffordshire University Stoke-on-Trent 28 June (2004).

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O’Hagan, C.,  (2003), Elearning in Higher Education.  Dublin Institute of Technology. LTSN conference.

Development Days

Blended Learning:  Toward a Quality Pedagogy, (2021), The Education Authority NI, Stranmillis University College.

Back to Basics for Literacy and Numeracy Teaching:  Teaching Standards and Effectiveness (2021 – Summer), Northern Regional College.

Developing The Lesson-Based Study as Learning Leaders, (2020), Newry and Mourne Area Learning Partnership.

Blended Learning in Further Education and Training (2020), Belfast Metropolitan College, Northern Regional College, Impact Training, 21 Training, People First, Springvale Training.

Building Communities of Practice for SEN:  Supporting the SENCO with Dyslexia Friendly Strategies in Post-Primary, (2019), Ballynahinch Area Learning Partnership.

Developing an Action Research Approach to Playful Learning, (2020), The Education Authority NI, EA Teacher Centre Belfast.