Our Experts

Dr Norman Richardson

General Information

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Teaching BEd (Primary/Post-primary) – part-time as required
  • Shared Education courses
  • Occasional Lifelong Learning courses
  • Other responsibilities
  • College Choir and musical ensembles

External Interests/Community Service

  • Centre for Educational Studies at the University of Warwick: Associate Fellow
  • NI Council for Integrated Education: Professional Associate
  • European Forum for Teachers of Religious Education (EFTRE): Board Member for Northern Ireland; UK Treasurer; Executive committee member
  • Association of University Lecturers in Religion and Education (AULRE): Executive Member
  • Christian Education/RE Today: Board Member & Trustee
  • Northern Ireland Inter-Faith Forum: Membership Secretary
  • Community Relations in Schools (CRIS): Board Member & Trustee
  • International Seminar on Religion, Education & Values (ISREV): Member
  • Greek Journal of Religious Education: Member of International Board
  • National Association of Teachers of Religious Education (NATRE): Member
  • Irish Centre for Religious Education: Member
  • The Corrymeela Community: Member
  • The Counterpoint Choir: Musical Director

Research Interests

  • Inclusive Religious Education
  • Human Rights issues in religion and education
  • Diversity and community relations in education
  • Integrated Education in Northern Ireland
  • Collective Worship in UK schools

Background & Qualifications

  • Teacher in two London secondary schools (1969-1972)
  • Teacher in two Northern Ireland schools – post-primary & primary (1973-1983)
  • Peace Education Officer – Churches’ Peace Education Programme (1983-94)
  • Research Associate, Queen’s University Belfast (1994-7)
  • Lecturer at Stranmillis University College (full time: 1997-2014; post-retirement: 1997 to present)
  • Certificate in Education – London: 1969; BEd – Stranmillis College: 1983; MA(Ed) – Queen’s University Belfast: 1992; PhD – University of Warwick: 2012
  • Kohl International Peace Prize (Chicago): 1989
  • MBE for services to education and the community: 1999

Research & Scholarship

Recent publications

Journal Articles

Eaton, P., McKenzie, L., Richardson, N. & McCracken, O. (2015) ‘Teachers’ Reflections on Community Relations and Diversity: A Northern Irish Perspective’. In The International Journal of Diversity in Education, 16:1.

Greenwood, R., Richardson, N. & Gracie, A. (2017) ‘Primary Humanities: A Perspective from Northern Ireland’. In Education 3-13: International Journal of Primary, Elementary and Early Years Education, 45:3 (309-319).

Magennis, J. & Richardson, N. (2019) ‘A “peace” of the jigsaw: the perspectives of early years professionals on inclusion and diversity in the context of Northern Ireland’ in Education 3-13 (publication pending).

Book chapters
Richardson, N. (2013) ‘Media and Religious Conflict – Experiences from Northern Ireland’. In Pirner, M. & Lähnemann, J. (eds.), Media Power and Religions: The Challenge Facing Intercultural Dialogue and Learning, Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang (pp.73-84).

Richardson, N. (2014) ‘Religious Education at schools in Northern Ireland’. In Rothgangel, M., Jackson, R. & Jäggle, M. (eds), Religious Education at Schools in Europe: Part 2 – Western Europe, Vienna: V & R Unipress

Richardson, N. (2016) ‘Issues and Dilemmas in Religious Education and Human Rights: Perspectives on applying the Toledo Guiding Principles to a divided society’. In Pirner, M., Lähnemann, J. & Bielefeldt, H. (eds), Human Rights and Religion in Educational Contexts. Switzerland: Springer International Publishing

Richardson, N. & Hunter, A. (2018) ‘Educational Perspectives on School Collective Worship – Beyond Obituary’, in Cumper, P. & Mawhinney, A. (eds.) Collective Worship and Religious Observance in Schools. Oxford: Peter Lang

Hunter, A. & Richardson, N. (2018) ‘Collective Worship in Northern Ireland’s Schools’, in Cumper, P. & Mawhinney, A. (eds.) Collective Worship and Religious Observance in Schools. Oxford: Peter Lang

Richardson, N. (2014) Sharing Religious Education: A brief introduction to the possibility of an inclusive approach to Religious Education in Northern Ireland, Birmingham: RE Today Services 

Conference proceedings and papers

  • Institute of Education, University of London 2014: Division, diversity and vision – challenges for religion in education: a case-study from Northern Ireland
  • DIDAR (Didactics of Dialogue & Reconciliation) 2014 (Copenhagen, Denmark): Education & Religion in Northern Ireland – Challenges and Opportunities
  • BERA 2015 (Belfast): Religious Education as Peace Education
  • REDCO NETWORK 2015 (Klingenthal, France): Religious Education in Harbour Cities
  • American Academy of Religion (AAR) 2015 (Atlanta, USA): Religious Education in public schools in a contested society
  • ISREV 2016 (Chicago, USA): Issues & dilemmas in RE and Human Rights
  • EFTRE 2016 (Vienna, Austria): Workshop on teaching controversial issues in RE
  • UCC COPENHAGEN 2017: Reformation, Revolution, Reconciliation? – Catholics, Protestants and the Reformation in Ireland; also: Barriers, Bridges and Education
  • AAR 2017 (Boston, USA): Religion, schooling and conflicting nationalisms
  • HARINGEY SACRE 2018 (London): Workshop: controversial issues in RE
  • AULRE 2018 (London): Religion, schooling and conflicting nationalisms
  • ISREV 2018 (Nuremberg, Germany): Options for Collective Worship in UK schools
  • SCOTENS Project – Religions & Beliefs in Changing Times 2018 (Limerick, Ireland): Diversity, Division, Religion and Education – A Perspective from Northern Ireland
  • EFTRE 2019 (Dublin & Belfast): Co-organiser & presenter: Introduction to Religion and Education in Northern Ireland
  • JOINING-UP 2019 (Ballycastle – CRIS and the Corrymeela Community): Education and Reconciliation – Reflections on the Journey
  • IESR (Institut Européen en Sciences des Religions) 2019 (Paris, France): Division, diversité et controverse: enseigner la religion dans les écoles d’Irlande du Nord (presented in French)