Time Capsule competition

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Stranmillis University College is celebrating 100 years and as part of our celebrations, we would like to invite entrants to our Time Capsule Competition.

We will be putting suggestions from the winning entries into our time capsule and it won’t be opened again until our 125 year anniversary in 2048.

What do you want to send to people in the future?

Write or draw suggestions for what could be placed in our time capsule that would be appreciated by those opening it in 25 years’ time.

You may wish to:

  • Suggest an item from today that might seem strange or surprising in 25 years – remember it has to survive for 25 years in a time capsule!
  • Suggest photos, diaries or stories to go in the time capsule, for example:
    • Keep a diary of a week of your life in school and then people opening it can read how life has changed
    • Take pictures or draw photos or your local areas so people opening it can see how places have changed
    • Describe sport, TV or music
  • Write about what life has been like since Stranmillis opened so:
    • History – what it might have been like to be a pupil in 1920s, world events from around that period
    • Geography – world map in 1922 and how it has changed
    • Science – what has changed in 100 years

Important to Remember

  • The time capsule is small and we have to fit four winning entries into it so keep your suggestions small!
  • The time capsule will not be opened until 2048 so whatever goes in must be able to survive that long and be in usable condition

The Prizes

The winning entry in each category will be invited to Stranmillis University College in June 2024 to put their winning entry in the time capsule and will receive a certificate inviting them back to open it in 2048. They will also receive a small prize of Stranmillis centenary gifts.

There are 4 categories:

  • Category 1: Ages up to 7
  • Category 2: Ages 8 up to 14
  • Category 3: Ages 15 up to 18
  • Category 4: Ages 19 and older

Get involved!

To take part, download the entry form here.

Once completed, submit the competition entry to marketing@stran.ac.uk by Wednesday 29th May 2024.