Our Experts

Dr Barbara McDade

General Information

Teaching Responsibilities

Stranmillis University College

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Biblical Studies – Old and New Testament
  • Philosophy of Religion and Christian Ethics
  • Theology
  • Peacebuilding and Reconciliation

Postgraduate Courses

  • Young People, Community and Culture
  • Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation

Gordon College, MA (Adjunct Faculty)

  • Teacher Education

John Brown University, AK (Adjunct Faculty)

  • Peacemaking and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland
  • Intercultural Communication

Taylor University(Adjunct Faculty) 

  • Peacebuilding and Reconciliation

Short Courses and CPD:

  • Teaching and Christian Vocation
  • Shared Education Project Course: Creating Effective Community Partnershipss
  • Youth Work

External Interests / Community Service / Membership of Professional Bodies

  • Chairperson and Director of Scripture Union Northern Ireland
  • Member of ATE – Association of Teacher Educators, United States of America
  • Member of CIPD
  • Member of NAFSA

College Responsibilities

  • International Development
  • CCCU Partnerships
  • Study USA / Irish American Scholars
  • Stranmillis Summer School Co-Ordinator
  • Diversity and Mutual Understanding Team
  • North South Teacher Exchange Coordinator
  • Youth Support Worker Qualification

Research Interests

  • Teaching and Christian Vocation
  • Integration of Faith and Learning
  • Service Learning
  • Intercultural Education

Background & Qualifications

  • Teacher in three post primary schools in Northern Ireland
  • Youth and Children’s Worker in Scotland
  • MA (JNC) Youth and Community Work with Applied Theology
  • Director of Youth and Children’s Ministry, Presbyterian Church in Ireland

Research & Scholarship

Journal Articles

Research Projects

  • 2017 Education Authority Review of Learning Together Programme – Youth Work in Schools.
  • 2017 Uganda Student Teacher Project
  • 2018 Education Authority Children and Young Peoples’ Services – ‘The Mental Health Needs of Newcomer Children and Young People and the Role of the Youth Service’.
  • 2018 Chinese Welfare Association, Classroom + Project – ‘Celebrating Diversity in the Classroom.
  • 2019 YMCA Lisburn, MAP Mentoring Small Scale Study.

Conference proceedings and papers

  • McDade, B. (2019) ‘Teachers as Tsaddiqim’, Kuyers Christian Teaching and Learning Conference. Calvin University, 2-6 March. Grand Rapids: Kuyers Institute.
  • McDade, B. (2019) ‘A Theology of Work and Youth Ministry, International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry Conference. Durham University, 2-6 March. Durham: St. John’s College, England.
  • McDade, B. (2019) ‘Study Abroad and Intercultural Learning’, Association of Teacher Educators Annual Conference. Atlanta, 12-15 February.