Our Experts

Dr Brian Cummins

General Information

Teaching Responsibilities

  • BEd Year 1 Educational Studies Module ‘An Introduction to Education’
  • BEd Year 1 Technology and Design Module ‘Manufacturing, Materials and Processes’
  • BEd Year 2 Educational Studies Module ‘Learning and Assessment in Diverse Classrooms’
  • BEd Year 3 Education Research Module ‘Post-Primary’
  • BEd Year 3 Technology and Design Module ‘Product Analysis, Design and Manufacture’
  • BEd Year 3 Placement Module ‘School Based Work’
  • BEd Year 4 Educational Studies Module ‘Working with Disadvantaged Children’
  • BEd Year 4 Educational Studies Module ‘Contemporary Issues in Pastoral Care’
  • BEd Year 4 Education Research Thesis Supervision
  • BEd Year 4 Placement Module ‘School Based Work’
  • BEd Years 1-4 Placement Supervision
  • MEd Educational Studies Module ‘Critical Perspectives on Disadvantage’
  • MEd Dissertation SupervisionMember of the College Selection Committee

External Interests/Community Service

  • External Examiner EdD Viva Dublin City University
  • Group member of MADE, ‘Making a Difference in Education’ (North Down and Ards)

Research Interests

  • Social Disadvantage and its impact on educational aspiration, attainment and access. Community disengagement with education. Teacher education, pre and post service to better understand the impact of disadvantage factors and ACEs on a child’s educational engagement and attainment. The role played by schools, alternative education, statutory government agencies, NGO’s and community representatives in addressing this problem.
  • Males in Teaching and in particular male role modelling and its impact on educational engagement. Male attitudes to teaching as a career.
  • Enterprise/Entrepreneurial Education and the links between entrepreneurship, non-conforming behaviour/attitude and school marginalisation i.e. why do many entrepreneurs report to have been school failure or dropouts? NI needs to create more employment opportunities; these jobs will/should be established by entrepreneurs, yet is the education system providing the conditions for entrepreneurs to grow

Background & Qualifications

  • HOD ‘Technology and Design’ Ashfield Girls’ High school 1990-2001
  • 1990 BEd (Hons 2:1) Technology and Design
  • 1991 PGCTE Technology and Design
  • 1992 PGDipTE Technology and Design
  • 1994 MEd History of Irish Education
  • 2004 EdD (by thesis only) Enterprise Education

Research & Scholarship

Research Reports

Harris, J., Purdy, N., Cummins, B., Rogers, C., McKenzie, H., McMenemy, R., Winter, F. (2020), What’s the (Gender) Difference?: Views on Male Primary Teachers from Three Controlled Primary School Communities. Belfast: Centre for Research in Educational Underachievement, Stranmillis University College

Cummins, B., Kelly, J. (2014) EntreBRAINeur Phase 2: taking it Further Exploring Entrepreneurial Learning Preferences: A Study of 3 Regional Further Education Colleges. Full Research Report and Summary Report for ‘Investigating the EntreBRAINeur’ Phase 2 DELNI.

Conference proceedings and papers

Corrigan, T. and Cummins, B. (2019) ‘Evaluating the Impact of the Narrative of the Retired Teacher and Student Teacher Voice Together as a Contribution to the Reciprocal Personal and Professional Development for the Good of Students, Teachers, Education, and Society,’ American Educational Research Association Conference 2019, Toronto (7-04-19).

Cummins, B. & Kelly, J.  (2016) Investigating Entrepreneurial Learning Preferences, Keynote Presentation: (June 2016) International Conference, ‘Perspectives on the creation and development of effective entrepreneurship ecosystems in Northern Ireland’ W5, SSE Arena, Belfast.

Invited Panel Member SCoTENS Conference (2015) ‘Teachers need to be able to do more than talk about social justice’ Limerick (October 2015).

Cummins, B., Kelly, J. (2014) The Application of Neuroscience in Education –Fringe Presentation ATL 2014 Conference, Manchester 15-04-14.