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Coding with Kids

Coding is a great way to develop your problem solving and thinking skills.  At this very challenging time, our student teachers at Stranmillis want to share with you their expertise and ideas about being a coder using the fun ‘co-spaces’ software.  A bit like the mind-craft games, this is a fun way to develop a space of your own and share with your friends as you develop basic to advanced coding skills. The lessons below were designed by our ICT student teachers.  There are four parts to the coding school using co-spaces. Click to download the Teachers Guide and Lesson Plans.

Note to Teachers: We will be hosting some professional development courses in April/May 2021  to help you develop the skills and knowledge to support your pupils to use coding in their KS2/KS3 learning.


Coding With Kids – Video Lessons

Lesson 1 – This lesson focuses on introducing pupils to co-spaces. Prior to this lesson, it is important that all pupils have created an account on Co-Spaces using their C2K email address and a memorable password. During this lesson, pupils will learn how to login to Co-Spaces, how to navigate around their virtual grid and how to insert, enlarge and remove an object.

Lesson 2 – This lesson focuses on using objects such as walls to construct a maze. Prior to this lesson, it is important that all pupils have drawn a sketch of a maze using pencil and paper. This is what their online maze will be based off. During this lesson, pupils will learn how to rotate and move objects. They will also learn how to create a simple box using four walls and progress onto exploring how to create a maze.

Lesson 3 – This lesson focuses on finalising their pupils’ maze. By the end of this lesson, all pupils will have created their own simple maze using walls. The opportunity to explore their peers’ maze should be offered (if completing the lesson during face to face learning). pupils will also learn how to insert their character who they will later code to move around the maze.

Lesson 4 – During this final lesson, it may be necessary to split the activities into two separate lessons depending on the ability of your class. This lesson focuses on pupils learning to code. Pupils will be taught simple code and by the end of the lesson should be able to move their character throughout a maze using code. For example, moving forward and back, changing direction and rotating.