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A World of Opportunities and Experiences

The opportunity to study abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity – a memorable opportunity for a rewarding and enriching experience, academically as well as personally. What is it like being on Erasmus, going on Study USA or being a British Council Language Assistant? Here are some of the experiences our students have enjoyed.









Postcards from Abroad Gallery

From Guangzhou to Monterey Bay, Umea to Msida, our students have enjoyed international placements around the globe.

Rebecca McKinstry, Lydia Gray,
Sophie Hutchinson, Hannah Myles
Umeå, Sweden

Favourite thing: enjoying the relaxed Swedish lifestyle and time to explore the beautiful snowy surroundings, and experience Swedish culture (including ‘fika’ and ice hockey!

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Emily Millar
Kristiansand, Norway

Favourite thing about Kristiansand: The endless opportunities to explore different parts of Norway with new international friends!

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Emma Cooke and Laura Murphy
Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

Favourite thing about Kreuzlingen: We're right beside Lake Constance with amazing views of the Alps across the lake which is pretty special!

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Holly Armstring, Caroline Cubitt
Copenhagen, Denmark

Favourite thing about Copenhagen - Everyone is extremely friendly and happy to help if you have a problem or need anything; the Danish pastries and friendly/happy people everywhere you go

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Peter Todd
Poznan, Poland

Favourite thing so far: Sight-seeing and Polish history

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Julia Little, Rachel Beatty, Adam Willis and Chris Nevin
Hong Kong

Favourite thing: Getting to experience Hong Kong’s busy city life, particularly during Chinese New Year. Also, dumplings.

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Leanne McNiece, Robyn Willis
Springfield, Missouri, USA

There's so much to discover, beautiful scenery; travelling to other states and cities; the walking trails, the food, the friendships and Kansas City!

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Zoë Robinson, Paul Edmonds
Guangzhou, China

Favourite thing about Guangzhou: It is like a Chinese New York City - not at all what I expected! The people are so friendly and welcoming and have made the cultural transition from home so much easier.

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Michael Shaw
Monterey Bay, California

Favourite thing about California: The landscape. Going from the beach, across the dunes and right inland to the hills / mountains - you never get tired of the view wherever you go.

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