House of Fun

House of Fun

Look around the house. You are surrounded by different shapes, colours, textures, letters, numbers, mechanics ... worlds to explore for inquisitive minds. Have a go at some of the ideas below and learn through play.

1. Hunt that Shape – Ellie Boyd

Your house is filled with everyday objects that can help your child’s cognitive capabilities,  learning about shapes in a fun and exciting way – and they won’t even know they are learning.

Learning Intentions

Children will explore and identify different shapes.


1. Get your camera or phone out and go on  shape hunt around your house!

2. Pick a different shape every day and take some pictures.

3. For younger children, give them the shape (e.g. a piece of paper cut in the shape of a circle, square, etc to hold beside and compare with objects in the house.


2. Frozen Too – Ellie Boyd

Frozen meets the Great Escape – a great fun ‘science’ activity; a time when it’s ok to be cool with the kids and for the kids to think you’re cool!

Learning Intentions

Children will recognise changes happening in everyday life, e.g. ice melting


1. It’s time to the kidnap some toys and banish them to the Kingdom of The Freezer.

2. You can use tubs, plastic containers, bun trays, ice cube trays, etc.

3.When frozen, it’s time for the children to help the toys escape!

4. Give them different things to help such as spoons, toy hammers, warm water, salt.

And maybe follow it up with a bit of ice-cream and Elsa and Olaf!


3. Tuff Tray – Brooke Hanna

Filling a tray or container with a host of different materials and items for children to explore is a great sensory experience.

Learning Intentions

Development of fine motor skills, imagination and creativity


1. Fill a tray or a tub with anything you think your child may enjoy the feel of, e.g. cornflakes, rice, water-beads, flour, sand, etc. There are plenty of different ideas online.

2. Add different materials such as pots, toys, small (safe) items, photos, magazines, teddies, etc. and let your child play with these small world ideas!

3. You could link a story book at home with the things you put in the tray or box.

4. Playdough is also useful alongside these ideas to enhance creative thinking further.