Engagement Fiasco!

Frozen – Engagement Fiasco!

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Engagement Fiasco!

This is an ice-based scientific activity. Anna is throwing a surprise Engagement Party for Kristoff and wants to decorate the Royal Ballroom. She decides they need some more lights, and asks Elsa if she would make some for them with her magic powers. Unfortunately, Elsa is sick, so when she tries to make ice lanterns, her powers won’t work. Anna asks the audience to help her make some lanterns, quickly, before the guests start arriving for the party!

Follow-up activity can include:

– writing Royal Invitations to the Engagement Party, linking to Language and Literacy

acting out the script provided as a news report, re-enactment or hot-seating activity

– an Art and Design activity based on what they would wear to the party, or what the ballroom might look like

– using ICT to create a party playlist, using music that you may hear at a Royal Ball

– PE-based activities, linking to dancing which may happen at the Party.