Peter Pan

Peter Pan – Captured!

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Teacher’s Handbook


This is a letter-writing and map-making activity. The Lost Boys and Fairies have been captured by Captain Hook! The participant completing this activity, as a captured Lost Boy or Fairy, must send a letter and map to either Peter Pan, Wendy or Tinkerbell so they can rescue them from where they have been trapped – Captain Hook’s Ship, The Jolly Rodger.

Follow-up activities can include.

– completing The map activity could be in more detail as a WAU lesson with co-ordinates

– acting out the script provided as a news report, reenactment or hot-seating activity

– making a Wanted poster for Captain Hook

– remember to write an address on the front of the envelope e.g. Tinkerbell, Pixie Hollow, Neverland. The letters and maps could be linked to Art & Design, by tea/ coffee-staining the pages.