Playful Ideas for Active Minds

Playful Ideas for Active Minds

to keep your children playing and learning

The early years of a child’s education are hugely important. On our Post-graduate Certificate in Education (Early Years), a great emphasis is placed on playful approaches to teaching and learning, both at pre-school and Foundation Stage (years 1 and 2 of primary school), and how play can be infused across the entire early learning experience.

The current closure of our schools and nurseries due to the COVID-19 outbreak has put a lot of pressure on parents, especially those of young children. How do I keep them occupied? And perhaps more importantly, how do I minimise the impact of the closure on their educational development?

Well, help is here. We asked our highly enthusiastic and highly talented PGCE (Early Years) students to compile a list of great ideas and activities that you can do with your children which are both fun and educational at the same time. Time to get down, get dirty, and start to play and learn.

Dr Glenda Walsh, Head of Early Years Education



Our PGCE Early Years students have pulled together a great range of ideas and activities for you and your children to enjoy during the closure of schools and nurseries. We hope you have fun playing and learning together.

The House of Fun

Everyday objects around the house are a great way to support your child learn numbers, colours, shapes, letters and a whole host of other skills. CLICK FOR IDEAS.


An Inquisitive Nature

You might be confined to the house but the garden is a great source for natural play and creativity ideas.  CLICK HERE for some fantastic outdoor ideas and activities.


Foodie Heaven

It’s time to open up the cupboards, get creative and have some fun with food – apron advised! CLICK HERE for some great ideas and activities.


Figure it Out

Toys, objects and a bit of creativity are all that’s needed for a bit of playful learning with numbers.  CLICK HERE for some fun with numeracy.


Science Made Simple

It doesn’t have to be Rocket Science.  CLICK HERE for some simple experiments and activities to get your children thinking and enjoying playful science.


Let Their Creativity Flow

Children have a natural creativity. They love painting and making things. CLICK HERE for some ideas to unleash their inner Picasso.


Health and Wellbeing

Healthy minds, healthy bodies. During these difficult times, it’s vital to look after our children’s wellbeing.  CLICK HERE for activities.


A-Z of Literacy

CLICK HERE for activities and ideas for some fun ways to help your child learn the alphabet.


World Around Us

Help your children learn more about the world around us.  CLICK HERE for ideas to get them thinking and playing.