A-Z of Literacy

A-Z of Literacy

Bring a little bit of creativity and play to helping your child learn their ABCs; and their D-Zees.

1. Alphabet Stones – Lauren Presho

A great way to practise letter formation and play simple spelling or phonic games using stones they gather.

Learning Intentions

Identify and write letters; identify phonemes; and use phonemes to spell simple CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant).


1. Resources: stones/pebbles, paint or sharpies

2. Go on a walk to collect stones, making sure the stones are big enough to write on.

3. Wash and dry the stones.

4. Using paint, or a sharpie, write different letters on the stones. If the child is younger then write the letters for them to copy. Younger children could play a simple game of retrieving the letters you call out as fast as they can. Or hide the stones so that the child can go on a scavenger hunt.

5. Foundation Stage children could play the same game except using the phonemes (sounds) for each letter. They could also try to make simple CVC words with the letter stones. You can find visuals of CVC words on google or simply call them out.

6. Key Stage 1 children could use the letters to make more complex words, seeing what the longest word they can make is and writing down all their results.


2. Label it! – Oonagh McLaughlin

Learning Intentions

To build up a child’s vocabulary bank


1. Using a list of home related vocabulary, label items throughout the house.

2. Challenge your child to match the labels, either pictorially or by using their phonics to sound out the vocabulary.

3. This activity would also be suitable for older children learning a modern language, or to introduce a new language to your child.