It Stinks!

Cinderella – It Stinks!

Teacher’s Handbook

It Stinks!

Cinderella’s stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella, are now maids in the Palace. Too lazy to complete their day work of cleaning, their Fairy Godmother completes it for them. However, the spell has a horrible side-effect – everything stinks! The sisters begin to panic. They need to get rid of the bad smell before Cinderella and the Prince get back! The participants of this activity must help the sisters by designing their own air freshener to clear the room of the awful smell.

Follow-up activities can include:

– blindfolded scent test Science experiment where the participants try to guess what scent they are smelling

– acting out the script provided as a news report, reenactment or hot-seating activity

– completing a Numeracy follow-up task based on how long it took the Fairy Godmother to clean the Palace, compared to how long it took Cinderella to get back to the Palace.


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