Zoomanji Activity Pack
Lesson 2
Don't Heat Up

Don't Heat Up

It is important to consider how our reactions to difficult situations can impact those around us. The 'Don't Heat Up' lesson pack contains a lesson plan, audio story-lines and a pupil worksheet to aid class discussion and group activities, where children can discuss possible responses to different situations they may face.

Lesson Plan

Don’t Heat Up is a lesson designed to encourage pupils to understand how to self-regulate their emotions when faced with difficult situations.

Children will:

  • Understand how different situations may impact their emotions and how to respond to these.
  • Be able to implement strategies to help deal with emotional outbursts.
  • Be able to develop skills in critical thinking and group-work.

Click here to download the Lesson Plan.


Katie Audio 1

Within the storyline, we meet Emily who often loses her temper. In this audio clip, classmate Katie discusses the impact that Emily’s outbursts have been having on their friendship and introduces the class to the idea of an emotions thermometer.


For a downloadable transcript of Katie Audio 1, click here.



Lesson Worksheet

The lesson worksheet provides an opportunity for pupils to think about different strong emotions they may experience in different situations and how they can respond to these positively. Click here to download the lesson worksheet.


Katie Audio 2

In this audio clip, Katie talks about how helpful she finds the emotions thermometer and informs the class how to use it.


For a downloadable transcript of Katie Audio 2, click here.