Zoomanji Activity Pack
Lesson 8
Worry Trees

Worry Trees

At times we can feel very worried. It is important to know what we should do when our worries build up inside us. The 'Worry Trees' lesson pack contains a lesson plan, audio story-lines and pupil activities to aid class discussion about pupils' worries, and to investigate what can help us when we feel worried.

Lesson Plan

Worry Trees is a lesson designed to encourage pupils to make positive choices when responding to their worries.

Children will:

  • Be able to actively listen to one another and share their own opinions.
  • Understand the importance of sharing their worries and how they are feeling.
  • Be able to organise and plan how to go about a task.

Click here to download the Lesson Plan.


Charlotte’s Mum Audio 1

In this audio clip, we meet Charlotte’s Mum for the second time. She thinks that Charlotte may be feeling very worried, but Charlotte doesn’t seem to want to talk to anyone about her worries. She wishes Charlotte would open up about how she is feeling.

For a downloadable transcript of Charlotte’s Mum Audio 1, click here.



Leaf Templates

The leaf templates accompany the ‘Worry Trees’ lesson activity; the children will write their worries on the leaves. Click here to download the leaf templates.



Lesson Poem

During the lesson, the teacher will show the class a poem called, ‘Our Worry Tree’. Click here to download the poem for use with the lesson.



Charlotte’s Mum Audio 2

In this audio clip, Charlotte’s Mum discusses how she has noticed such a difference in Charlotte. Charlotte’s class completed their own worry trees in school and this seems to have lifted a big weight off Charlotte’s shoulders!


For a downloadable transcript of Charlotte’s Mum Audio 2, click here.