Zoomanji Activity Pack
Lesson 9
Musical Masterpieces

Musical Masterpieces

Music, and other areas of The Arts, can enable children to express their creativity and individuality. The 'Musical Masterpieces' lesson pack contains a lesson plan and audio story-lines to aid class discussion and group activities, in which children will create their own musical pieces based on Claire and Charlotte's challenge.

Lesson Plan

Musical Masterpieces is a lesson designed to develop children’s creativity by composing and performing a piece of music in groups.

Children will:

  • Recognise the sounds of a variety of percussion instruments.
  • Be able to create a piece of music using different percussion instruments.
  • Be able to perform pieces of music in groups.
  • Be able to provide feedback to others.

Click here to download the Lesson Plan.


Claire Audio 1

Within the storyline, we see Claire and Charlotte completing a music challenge where they work together to create a musical melody. Not only will they have to work as a team, but Claire will have to use her creative abilities in a positive way to help them succeed.


For a downloadable transcript of Claire Audio 1, click here.




Although this lesson requires no worksheet or printable resources, there are some in-school resources required for this lesson.

  • Percussion instruments
  • Access to the Interactive Whiteboard


Charlotte Audio 2

In this audio clip, Charlotte praises the children for their musical masterpieces. She now considers Claire as a really good friend who has helped her come to terms with the fact that moving house isn’t something to fear, but is part of her great new adventure.


For a downloadable transcript of Charlotte Audio 2, click here.