Zoomanji Activity Pack
Lesson 1
How Should I Respond?

How Should I Respond?

Bullying is a reoccurring issue within the primary school setting and can manifest itself in a variety of ways. The 'How Should I Respond?' lesson pack contains a lesson plan, audio story-lines, scenario cards and a pupil worksheet to aid class discussion and group activities, where children can discuss possible responses to different forms of bullying.

Lesson Plan

How Should I Respond is a lesson designed to encourage pupils to make positive choices when responding to unkind situations.

Children will:

  • Know how they should respond to unkind situations.
  • Understand why ‘treating unkindness with unkindness’ is a negative choice.
  • Be able to think critically and make decisions.
  • Be able to work as part of a group.

Click here to download the Lesson Plan.


Mia Audio 1

Within the storyline, we see Emily bullying Mikey, and in the class zoom she changes Mikey’s name to something rather hurtful. It is evident that Mikey has had enough and decides to stand up for himself by shouting at Emily in front of the whole class. Was this the right way to respond to the situation?


For a downloadable transcript of Mia Audio 1, click here.



Scenario Cards

The scenario cards illustrate six different difficult situations that children may face in the classroom, playground, at home or online. The cards should act as a stimulus for group discussion. Click here to download the scenario cards for use with the lesson.


Lesson Worksheet

The lesson worksheet provides an opportunity for pupils to discuss each scenario and write a list of different ways the character could respond to the situation and decide how they think the character should respond. Click here to download the lesson worksheet.


Mia Audio 2

In this audio clip, Mia talks about how it is important to make good decisions, even when someone has hurt or annoyed us and our natural response is to seek revenge. It is important to remember that two negatives to do not make a positive. Once we make a bad decision, it’s a bit like a tube of toothpaste – we cannot take it back but instead have to deal with the consequences of our actions.


For a downloadable transcript of Mia Audio 2, click here.