Zoomanji Activity Pack
Lesson 4
Positivity Puzzles

Positivity Puzzles

Kind words can go a long way! The 'Positivity Puzzles' lesson pack contains a lesson plan, audio story-lines and a pupil worksheet to help pupils understand the power of kindness, and enables them to build each other up by sharing messages of encouragement.

Lesson Plan

Positivity Puzzles is a lesson designed to encourage kindness in the classroom through the use of kind words and positive language.

Children will:

  • Know how they can show kindness to others.
  • Understand why treating others with kindness is important.
  • Be able to use positive language to encourage others.

Click here to download the Lesson Plan.


Lily Audio 1

It is very important to be kind to one another. In this audio clip, classmate Lily talks about how important kindness is and how it impacts everything we do. Lily wishes that everybody could just be a bit more kind to each other.


For a downloadable transcript of Lily Audio 1, click here.



Lesson Worksheet

The lesson worksheet encourages children to write kind messages to their ‘positivity partner’ on different puzzle pieces. Each pupil will receive a ‘positivity puzzle’ that includes messages of encouragement, kindness and positivity from their partner. Click here to download the lesson worksheet.


Lily Audio 2

In this audio clip, Lily receives her own ‘positivity puzzle’. She talks about how we can build each other up, simply by using kind and encouraging words.


For a downloadable transcript of Lily Audio 2, click here.