Zoomanji Activity Pack
Lesson 15
Let's Chat

Let's Chat

It's about time the children got to know the Zoomanji characters better; let's ask them some questions! The 'Let's Chat' lesson pack contains a lesson plan, audio story-lines and activities to help children learn more about the characters and their experiences in the game.

Lesson Plan

Let’s Chat is a lesson designed to help children gain a better understanding of the Zoomanji characters by creating and asking meaningful questions.

Children will:

  • Be able to create and ask meaningful questions.
  • Be able to take on the role of the Zoomanji characters.
  • Understand the thoughts and feelings of different characters.

Click here to download the Lesson Plan.


Toby Audio 1

Within the storyline, we see the children all arrive back in class having been on this fantastic adventure! However, some of the other children in the class have heard about their ‘adventure’ and want to hear more about it. They’re not sure whether they believe them or not…


For a downloadable transcript of Toby Audio 1, click here.



Question Starters

The question starters accompany this lesson; they provide prompts for lower ability pupils, helping them to formulate questions. Click here to download the question starters for use with the lesson.



Toby Audio 2

In this audio clip, Toby talks about the amazing time his classmates had inside ‘Zoomanji’ and how it made them better versions of themselves. Next time, he wants to go too!


For a downloadable transcript of Toby Audio 2, click here.