Zoomanji Activity Pack
Lesson 7
Positive Personal Traits

Positive Personal Traits

Feeling positive about ourselves is so important. The 'Positive Personal Traits' lesson pack contains a lesson plan, audio story-lines and art resources to help pupils explore their own positive strengths and understand the importance of recognising what we are good at.

Lesson Plan

Positive Personal Traits is a lesson designed to encourage pupils to think positively about themselves and those around them.

Children will:

  • Be able to develop their own creative style.
  • Use artistic techniques: tape resistance and splatter paint.
  • Be able to identify positive traits about themselves and their peers.
  • Develop their self-confidence in their own abilities, talents and traits.

Click here to download the Lesson Plan.


Anna Audio 1

In this audio clip, Anna speaks to the class about Claire. She sits beside Claire in school and thinks she is really funny, but sometimes she thinks Claire can be a bit intense. Anna suggests that Claire needs to recognise her own positive, personal qualities.


For a downloadable transcript of Anna Audio 1, click here.



Lesson PowerPoint

The lesson PowerPoint provides examples of positive personal traits and instructions for completing the activity. Click here to download the PowerPoint for use with the lesson.


Lesson Worksheet

The lesson worksheet enables children to reflect upon positive traits that they and others in their class possess. Click here to download the lesson worksheet.


Anna Audio 2

In this audio clip, Anna addresses the class again. She comments on the pupils’ artwork and suggests how they could display it in the classroom to help them remember their ‘positive personal traits’ every day.


For a downloadable transcript of Anna Audio 2, click here.