Zoomanji Activity Pack
Lesson 13
Things are Heating Up!

Things are Heating Up!

When we find ourselves in a disagreement, we often care more about own feelings and may not consider how the situation impacts other people. The 'Things are Heating Up!' lesson pack contains a lesson plan, audio story-lines and pupil activities to aid class discussion and group activities, where children can discuss possible ways to respond when things 'heat up'.

Lesson Plan

Things are Heating Up is a lesson designed to encourage pupils to explore the thoughts and feelings which they associate with arguments and disagreements, and relate such examples to their own lives.

Children will:

  • Describe the thoughts and feelings associated with being in a disagreement.
  • Be able to relate thoughts and feelings from the video to real life situations.
  • Be empathetic in their thinking.

Click here to download the Lesson Plan.


Fiona Audio 1

In this audio clip, Claire’s sister, Fiona, speaks to the class. At times, Fiona doesn’t always get along with her sister. She finds her emotions ‘heating up’ which has an impact on her relationship with Claire.


For a downloadable transcript of Fiona Audio 1, click here.



Introduction Activity

The teacher notes provide guidance for facilitating the group discussion during the introduction. Click here to download the notes for use with the lesson.


Lesson Worksheet

This worksheet accompanies the main activity within the lesson, demonstrating the rules for both the teacher and pupils. Click here to download the lesson worksheet.


Plenary Activity

This worksheet accompanies the plenary activity within the lesson. Pupils will use this to illustrate possible disagreements which may occur. Click here to download the plenary activity for use with the lesson.


Fiona Audio 2

In this audio clip, Fiona addresses the class again. This time Fiona admits that she was wrong. Moving forward, she knows exactly what she needs to do to ‘keep her cool’ when things ‘heat up’.


For a downloadable transcript of Fiona Audio 2, click here.